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    I am simply a Bible reader and just love study of old findings. I read Bibles and other old Biblical books from cover to cover. I read kind of slow but we all have our set backs. I have read over 30 Bibles through and have found only one that seems to talk back in a form most can't understand, its the original 1611 KJV Bible which I have read over 17 times through. I love helping people if I can, it makes me sleep with a smile. I spend time with the Wife which shee is very close to mee and I work hard to stay close to her. I love to fish when I can, and just enjoy my short stay here on this ole world. Time is fast, and the end comes quickly for all of us. So Read, Read, Read the Bible before you run out of time!!!Have a nice day!!! O-Yea, Read!!!
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    Christian 1611 KJV Bible

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  1. ------------- I can see your argument, not that we are here to argue. But if you claim to not know why then don’t you find the answers??? And if God came into this world to keep complete order then he would have to be a part of this world. I’m glad we are not robots, but I totally agree that God should step in and help some really bad situations, and I'm sure he does through wisdome! But we are in a Grace period of some sort where he has chosen to let us run a course till all is fulfilled. I don’t actually know bad things because my world is full of security, in that I’m basically healthy, and
  2. ---------------- Well Fawzo, sounds like you have it all figured out with your fleshly wisdom. I believe you are basically a smart person. A fleshly mind is simply one that you receive from the world. If you were Spanish you would have a Spanish mind, if Japanese a Japanese mind and so on. You sound like you have an English mind of some sort and you are programmed to think only from what you know from your past. Not to offend you, but you have no spiritual inner soul. It’s what most everybody has. It’s what’s called fleshly wisdom. If you were to write a book and we were to read it, we would r
  3. ------------------------------ WOW! It’s nice to see people actually talking about the Bible in a constructive way for a change, or at the least thinking. A Liberal Christian is a person that believes in more than one God, but you already know that. And how many Gods do we have? I guess it depends on a person, weather he is fleshly or spiritually minded! Let me give you a clue, if you believe in more that one God, and there is only one God, you just might make him very upset. I’m sure not going to judge, that has already been done. I feel Pete is a good person also, and I don't think anybody i
  4. 'Pete' date='06 January 2010 There is much comment as to what is a Liberal Christian or indeed does such a thing exist. Some say we are not Christian. I cannot speak for all Liberals, so I hope people will understand that I speak from a person viewpoint. Much of the criticism that is laid against the liberal school of thought is that the concept is not biblical. The answer, I give to that is that is, being not biblical is the whole point, as liberals describe the bible as a collection of documents from differing recourses, written by man, choreographed to fit some of the Old Testament wri
  5. This my Personal Bible and I have read it over twenty times and still love it just as much as the first time!

  6. Simply a Bible Reader!!!

  7. Why? Well I guess its better than asking me if I am saved??? Ha! Are at least that’s what the world wants to do to you. “ARE YOU SAVED”??? Ha! But you can bet your breeches that the person asking absolutely knows nothing about what he is asking. If a person was to actually set down and read through the many versions of what is called the “HOLY” Bible of today, they wouldn’t even think about asking, because the so called Christian people of today’s world are nothing but a strong stereotype of bondage, where as the ULC is freedom for us all to believe what we want. 99% of all people don't really
  8. Thank you for your kind welcome Carpenter,peace to you and your wife.


  9. I became ordained with the Universal Life Church because there was no bondage of any sort involved. All man made Regilions try to bind you to their church or beliefs, even man made Bibles have a copywright in the front which is simply a sign of bondage. Did you know if you copy and reprint a Bible that has a copywright they can put you in Jail! Yep, read the copywright in a Bible like the NIV, it’s a serious money making buisness these companies have going trying to get you hooked. But the ULC gives a fredome we should enjoy. God gave us a choice to chose to be saved or not. Like he gave us hi
  10. Hi, I just wanted to welcome you to ULC, have a nice day and God Bless!!!

  11. To be honest, I just like reading the different views of people. To try to see behind the words has been fun for me, and has helped me to understand more why I know what trueth is! I really like the ULC and the freedom it lets us all share. To be in bondage with our beliefs is a sad thing to be in. Carpenter