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  1. It may take a while to be accepted in the complete community. Don't be disheartened. Preach wherever you can and whenever you can. Don't worry about the nay sayers, concentrate on the needs of those that need your spiritual help and advise. I held a short prayer meeting in the pits at a drag race. It would be nice to have a building in order to conduct services, however you don't need one to do so. The public may not come to you. will have to go tho them. Don't give up and you will prevail.
  2. I've always had someone approach me for advise or just wanting someone to talk to. I became ordained by ULC because I didn't appriciate the various teachings or beliefs of the standard religions around me. I more or less wanted to be an interfaith believer. I have always been interested in cars as a hobby and that has brought others closer to me to share their problems. Motorheads and people that can't get their car started on a cold morning have as many problems as the rest of the world. (Go figure!) I did go through some agonizing reappraisels in reaching this decision having gone to Catholic school while brought up Protestant and having lived in a multicultural neighborhood. Not knowing much about others beliefs I listened and told them what I thought was right. I can't believe how far this attitude has brought me in life. At my job I listen and talk to people from many various cultures from around the world. This diversity has made me more aware that people are the same around the world. They want to make a peaceful living and raise their families. I truly do feel, that now, I am an INTERFAITH MINISTER.