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  1. A while back there was being offered a service that you could have a email address.

    If enough members are still interested in this I can make it happen almost instantly. Although this time it would be entirely free! A little different methodology than before, but still quite workable.

    Edited: It's working. Just go to the site above and complete the registration process.

    I like it!

  2. I thought they did very well with keeping to the book for most parts.  The addition of the hoovroo or whatever his name is probably could have been scrapped.

    Trillian was very cute.

    I DID enjoy the movie...they pretty much made it specifically for fans, tho.  Strags probably won't catch all of the inside jokes.

    Trillian was very cute. 

    Slartibartfast...there's a part MADE for Eric Idle, tho.

    The cheesy theme song...probably could have been made more intelligible.  The only reason I knew what the dolphins were singing was because I visited the website before I went.


    I give it a B, and a definate DVD buy.


    I whole heartily agree and....

    Trillian very cute! :kiss: