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  1. After some discussion with other ULC Ministers on this forum who are Christian it was decided to form the following association. The Universal Life Church Christian Ministers Association - Great Britain (ULCCMAGB) it was felt there needed to be a fellowship in the British Isles that could bring together "Dispersed" Universal Life Church Ministers who hold to the Christian Faith and wished to network on various topics. There is now a created forum which is still undergoing construction. Of course it is not limited to United Kingdom ministers only. Thanks to all that made this possible.

  2. Things may change in the U.K, with regard to the ULC, as the government is bringing in a new equality law that will also include "minority religions" ie scientology, this law will also give equality to vegetarians, things are now a foot. Many in the Ulc in the United Kingdom, have long pushed for recognition of the ULC in the British Isles including myself..