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  1. I am reading a book that is driving me nuts...but I'm one of those that can't start a book and put it down if I don't like it...I have to read the entire book. aaargh!!!

    So...for once I am reading only 1 book...just so I can get thru this silly thing...It's called The Journeyer by Gary Jennings, the author of Aztec.

    (There are some good sex scenes in it though. ;) It's only redeeming factor IMO)

  2. Yikes! That one sounds like a suicide note.

    I was a bit concerned about this one from Klaryn as well...Hon are you ok?

    Sorry for the worries guys.. hehe I am fine. :)   LIke any artist sometimes I have a dark night of the soul.  For me the answer often lies in writing... Thanks for always being there and listening.


    We will accept dark nights as long as you return soon and let us know that all is well...deal???

  3. Yikes! That one sounds like a suicide note.

    dashing through no snow

    bashing our gay apparel

    hashing over eggs

    Yeah, I just got up. I'm sure things will improve by noon.

    I was a bit concerned about this one from Klaryn as well...Hon are you ok?

    Verisoph, please bring a cup of coffee with you to the computer in the morning... :lol:;)

  4. Randall Garett.. Murder and Magic.. for fun.. and /The Battlefield is the Mind.. Joyce Meyer.. /and  Basic types of pastoral care & counseling by Howard Clinebell.. the revised version.. /Just finnished Too many Magicians.. by Randall Garett.. easy reading..

    Gotta get me some of those Randall Garrett books. Thanks for the heads up on them, Joy!!!

    S. Black.. well that is the customer who gave me the first two books calls himself.. could you guess he is a Harry fan.. ? :rolleyes:

    LOL...always listen to HP fans!!! :P BTW...I got hold of some really old stuff of Garrett's. I started reading one last night...and even though I am not a sci-fi fan, I can't seem to put it down. Thank you again! :wub:

  5. This is making me want to read!!  Unfortunately, I have put off reading for pleasure until I finish writing my own first series... only have three more to go!!

    Does that count for this topic of "what" I'm reading?? :blush:

    Heck yeah...but only if you let me preview it before the general public!!! :rolleyes:

    I just started reading Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. It's about a modern day werewolf who happens to be a strong willed, intelligent female. Ms Armstrong's book are all like this and though they begin a bit slow they are action packed and hard to put down.