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  1. Galileo's telescope reaches 400th anniversary More Here
  2. That's funny, I was thinking the exact same thing. I'll bet there's not very many Islamic Eskimos for that reason alone. I suspect that a travel angency might make a fortune selling Antarctic vacation packages during the month of Ramadan to Muslims all over the world.
  3. No coffee? NO SMOKING? EEK! Being pious can be tougher than a fifty cent steak. I've noticed a huge over commercialization of messages complaining about the over commercialization of Christmas. I guess folks are just folks wherever you go.
  4. I've always wondered, does the fasting make people grouchy? I know Muslims are supposed to be especially nice during that time, but does it really work out that way?
  5. Whoa, it really is your birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I decided not to go there, too.
  6. I got all of you beat. Don't click the "Show All" button. There you go - problem solved.
  7. I'd kill myself before I'd spend 10 years in a penis colony. Did Jack Kevorkian write any books?
  8. Oooo really? Sensitive info? You can't just give us a buildup like that and then not tell us some of it. Pretty please?
  9. I'm using Opera 9.64 and everything seems copacetic. Well, except it's telling me that SalemWitchChild is a man. If you click the place that says "Help" on the IE window, then select "About Internet Explorer" from the drop down menu, you'll find out what version you're running.
  10. My guess is that if no one knows how or where, it's probably because there's no such thing as registering. Of course, I could very easily be wrong about that. Look in the phone book for your county Clerk of Court Office. They should be able to supply info for you.
  11. Hi Tom, I know that three years ago, no registration was required here in Mississippi. The moment you became ordained, you became "recognized." I doubt things have changed since then.
  12. Yes, I knew what you were refering to, my response was a joke about it. Nope, I'm happy to say that I'm not connected to that site in any way. I'm a firm believer in truth in advertising - something that site seems to be lacking. I used to teach guitar, and what I found is that different things work for different people. There's only one thing that always works for everyone, and in fact, is necessary for everyone: practice. Here's a guy who's had a bit of that -
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of ruling the way a king rules, that is, commanding something to perform to the limits of it's ability. You could place a guitar on a stand and command it to be still, and in essence, you've ruled it. Some might interpret "ruling an instrument" as mastering the ability to play it. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more than three simple lessons to rule an instrument in that manner. Or in this manner (which is that manner): Django Reinhardt NYC Festival 2004 - Sweet Georgia Brown
  14. I guess that depends on what it means to "rule the neck" With a liberal enough interpretation, I suppose it could be done with one simple technique that wouldn't necessarily have to be a secret.
  15. Best wishes to you Robin. Hope to see you around the forum soon.
  16. Don't feel too bad about it, apparently the ID supporters don't understand it either... or they're deliberately lying. Dr. Matzke published his explanation in 2003. In 2005, there were people testifying under oath that evolution can't explain how the flagellum came into being. It's a claim that they're still making to this day.
  17. I realize that you aren't trying to dispute evolution, I just thought you might like to see a more detailed explanation of the development of the bacterial flagellum than what was offered in the Nova presentation. Of course, it's only a guess that it actually happened this way (although since the theory was first presented, a good bit of supporting evidence has been found), but it does kill the ID claim that it couldn't possibly have happened through evolution.
  18. So what? I don't know, you tell me so what. Greedy Monk and I were discussing the way the story changed about the origin of Spider-Man's powers. This is called retconning. I called retconning junk science, whereupon you got upset about that and launched into a couple of lengthy rants. And now you're asking me "so what"? Are you having a hard time keeping up with the conversation?
  19. You can argue that retconning is real science until you're blue in the face, I still don't buy it. Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that was accidentally exposed to radiation, not a spider that was subjected to deliberate genetic modification. You can't change this fact, not even with a short story's worth of randomly boldfaced words of dissent. Sorry, but there are copies of the original comic still in existence today.
  20. ID is creationism - pure, plain, and simple. You might find this interesting:
  21. That's too funny!!!!!!!! Really...that's the best laugh I've had in weeks! You're ready to jump to the defense of anything that someone calls junk science! We were talking about cartoons and comics, my friend. Here, this should clear up what is meant by retconning, which I called junk science, and which you took exception to: Retroactive Continuity