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    Rev James
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    Married the partner 02/18/2005!
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    Colorado Springs, CO

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    alternative healing, chat, research, people, movies, reading, computers, vegan
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    2 Ralph a female Boxer Shar Pei, Murphy an English Pointer Lab mix
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    life and all that comes with it
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    eventually you'll find that things you were told as a child mostly are true if your folks told the truth
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    gnostic ( non-traditional-other) spiritual but not religious..

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    Semi Retired

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  1. Thanks, Mark 45 I just got a flyer in the mail from the ULC too but I never saw the bachelors offered just the masters and doctorate
  2. The Quirnol 10 is helpful for those who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and take statins to control high cholesterol. You are in my prayers
  3. Happy birthday to all and to all I have missed in this month!!
  4. Thanks do much Rev Ed it's nice not to be missed it was a great one!
  5. Condolences to the family at this time and Praise to the Creator for her life and Kirby's for making it possible for what we havw been given and able to do because of them!