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  1. I read multiple translations including thorpe, chisholm, bellows, etc. Sigurd and Seigfried are the same. They both are culturalvariations of pan germanic legends. For a brief overview of this I suggest checking the wiki as reading the lieds and lays to compare and contrast would probably take too long and wiki does cover it nicely. Notice the characters Seigfried (Sigurd) Gunther (Gunnar), Kriemhild (Grimhild), Brunhild (Brynhild). It is thought that seigfried may be based upon the historical figure of Arminius who defeated the romans at the battle of tuetoberg forest in scale armor around 9 ad and kept germany free.There are many such figures that seem to be pan germanic and extend back into pre christian times. There are also not only the common germanic beliefs but the ones that extend even farther back to the indo european roots. The Norse did after all start out in Northern germany and eventually moved up into southern scandinavia around 4,000 years ago. Displacing the Sami and eventually taking over all of scandinavia. The connection remained and so did contact. Especially since denmark is in jutland above northern germany. One such character that is pan germanic is Volundr to the norse, Wieland to the Germans, and Wayland to the anglo saxons. The Saxons in Northern germany had Irminsul instead of Yggdrasil. It was a world pillar insterad of tree. It of course was the pillar of the God Irmin a biname of Wodan (Odin) who's cognate can be found in the norse biname for Odin, Jormun. Charlemagne I think it was chopped down the Irminsul in suppression of the heathens. In germany it seemed a world pillar was a popular motif and in Central Germany the Chatti tribe had Donar's (Thor) Oak. A massive ancient oak tree in a forest of them that reportedly touched the sky and grew taller then the others. People came from all over the continent to visit and worship at it. Until of course St. Boniface cut it down to prove the Christian God was more powerful than Thor. There are however differences between continental germanics and the norse. Such asthe absence of the vanir, whome simek belieeves may actually be an invention of snorri including the vanir war, Freyr might be the god Ing on the continent. Freyja seems to have been the same goddess as Frigg who's name was Frija among others, originally on the continent. The two later being worshipped separately. Balder who was also known as Phol was present. There is of course Nerthus (earth) who's name is the female version of Njord. Some think maybne this was his sister/wife they talk about in the eddas. It's all very confusing at times and takes a lot of research. I would be happy to discuss with you some of the theories and connections through email at a later time. As always your input is more than welcome and as the norse beliefs are the most well documented they are valuable. I'm not sure I understand your question. The Germans had the Elder Futhark. Edred is also very into the Goths. I'm not sure why focusing on continental germanic beliefs precludes one from Rune study. Tacitus was recording use of the runes for divination in Germany after all. Another thing going back to what you previously said. The Germans it is obvious did not tell tacitus the meanings of rituals. He merely observed them and recorded what happened. They did not tell him why they did things or what they represented. Take for example his writings of rune use.10. Augury and divina http://www.heathengo...itus/g01010.htmNotice how they don't tell him what the symbols being used are or what they mean, how they ascertain the meaning, etc.. Instead he just observes what they are doing and records it. If someone tells him of a particular ritual by a certain tribe they do not tell him the meanings behind it or what the priests know and do. Only what goes on during the ritual. Such as with Nerthus, who rides around in a cart visiting towns. He records that when the diety is thought to be in the cart and this is determined by the priest, the procession begins. He does not know how the priest knows this. I've always enjoyed the tangents in conversations on this forum. Topics change as they are discussed between people and many times things have been taught or learned on here because of the tangents.
  2. You weren't talking about Sigurd Fafnicide from the poetic edda?
  3. I disagree. Tacitus it is also postulated might have been a celt. As he was the son of a freed slave and also his sympathetic writings of the barbarians which was uncommon at the time. Yes some of the accounts he wrote about were told to him and some he witnessed. He gave a rather nuetral account in most cases and even wrote admirably about the germanics. Germania was not under roman rule and were not captives. He wrote about free men practicing their beliefs. His is an excellent source of information imo. I read germania frequently as my research focuses on pre christian german beliefs and not norse. The eddas are secondary to me as they are written 1100 years later by christians in post conversion iceland. They are an excellent backdrop and help immensely.I'm not sure how sigurd figures in. I also am not aware of him having written anything. Especially since he seems to be largley a legendary figure. In germany he was known as Seigfried the dragon slayer and star of the nibelungelied. He is roylaty in Germany as well being the crown prince of Xanten Germany and travels to the court of the burgundians and helps them defeat invading saxons. Interestingly enough he also travels to a legendary city in iceland in the story so his loves brother can woo the queen. Perhaps we can contrast and compare more privately in the future vitki as we have not had one of our conversations lately
  4. When tacitus wrote such things as Germania it was of the people outside of Roman rule. He walked among those who were not in captivity and wrote about them. I would think you would like Tacitus as his gives one of the best accounts of divination and most likely runic divination among germanic people. Something which many asatruar like to deny to your frustration.
  5. Genetics and Linguistics disagree with this. http://en.wikipedia....sy_over_origins .
  6. Wishful thinking not fact. The hungarians are a finno-ugric people. Genetics have shown that the majoiry of hungarians are of european descent and not middle eastern. Yes they had an ancient religion. That it was monotheistic is not a fact. It was polytheistic as was the other related finno-ugric peoples.. for a brief overview. Just because the taltos are real does not make the other claims real. Bulldonkey and not fact. The sumerian language became extinct around 4,000 years ago as it was slowly replaced by akkadian (a semetic language). It was only used ceremonially for another couple of thousand years. It became completely dead and mostly lost until the 1800's. Hungarian is a finno-ugric language. This is a fact. The sumerians and akkadians were polytheists as well. This is also a fact. Notice this directly at the beginning. It is admitting right here that this is not fact. A hypotheses is something that is untested and unproven. It is what people generally use the word theory mistakenly for. As a theory is tested, established, and can even be fact.This article also talks about the Huns as being synonymous with hungarian. The Huns were a confederation of many peoples and tribes. Including germanics. They were present in hungary as it was part of their empire. However, they were not synonymous with hungarians. They consisted of many peoples who spoke different languages and had different religious beliefs. the huns used Gothic as their lingua franca which is a Germanic language and originated in northern europe. Ugric as in Finno=Ugric and not sumerian. They are also from the Ural mountains in western Russia and not mesopotamia. A white supremacist forum.From the original article you posted. They are Finno-Ugrians Once again the Huns were a confederation of many tribes and peoples with many different religious beliefs. They are not synonymous with hungarians. They spoke a germanic language as their lingua franca. Tosome this would have been a first language to most it was a second language. There were germanics in the Huns. Atilla is in german and scandinavian legends under the name Etzil andAtli I believe among others. There are german legends about Dietrich von Bern serving with him in the Huns. Ibn Fadlan did not write this about the Rus. I have read his account of the Rus. The Rus were also not hungarian. They were Viking traders/merchants from Sweden also known as Varangians. They were polytheists and worshipped germanic gods. Ibn Fadlan talks about how they made sacrifices to their main merchant god (Most likely Odin) for favorable prices and when that didn't work they went back to the altar and made sacrifices to the other gods which had smaller figurines. If that didn't work They went back and made another sacrifice etc...If there is this much wrong in the first couple of paragraphs then the rest is not worth reading. It is either a complete fabrication or not very well researched. Either way it should not be relied upon as being accurate or fact.
  7. I don't think that some who would die for their ideals could be considered cowards....
  8. I just come from an orthpraxic viewpoint rather than an orthodoxic one. Thank you for understanding my dilemma. I admire your faith even if I do not share it.
  9. Matthew 10:34-4034 "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; 36 and a man's foes will be those of his own household. 37 He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; 38 and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. 39 He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.
  10. I think we are using different definitions for the term righteous.In terms of the bible. There are three righteous people right there. I'm sure if I took some time I could find more the bible names as righteous.Why do you say unbelievers hate Christ? I like Christ I think he was a decent person ifhe existed. His propensity for socialism was very kindand loving. He ate with the sinners and walked among lepers. Now what his followers have done and what has been done in his name is another story. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. That speaks volumes to me. Good people roasting in gehenna while murderers, rapists, pedophiles, people that have done little to no good and incredible evil etc. are in heaven is an abomination. Just because they didn't believe the "right" myth. This is unjust and I fail to see how a god that behaves in such a way is just. I can't accept such a world rejecting philosophy that makes our actions while we are here meaningless and everything focusing and relying on an afterlife reward that may not even exist.
  11. I would suggest a dna test. offers one for around a hundred bucks for members but there is a waiting list. If you have jewish heritage there will be genetkc markers. While this won't confirm your story you would have a verifiable link to judaism and yaweh.
  12. I am not a pacifist. I try to live as peacefully as possible and for the most part I have been successful. Imho I find the christian belief that a wicked person who has faith and asks for forgiveness will be saved and go to heaven and a righteous person who does not believe will go to hell to be a perversion of what is just. As ones actions do not matter but merely their theological tendencies in this sytem. I find a god who would set up such a system to be unjust and not worthy of worship..
  13. I'm glad to see you back on this forum
  15. It has also been shown through studies that people who are more physically attractive have a higher rate of charges being dropped, lighter sentencing, and get preferential treatment in general. Those who are less attractive are found get harsher sentencing. This is a deep seeded bias that happens on multiple levels and may be a result of evolutionary tendencies.
  16. That is why they claimed he was not a jew but an aryan silly. Similar to the Christian identity movement today who claim that abraham was white and the ten lost tribes are the europeans.
  17. I don't see how you have negated anything I have said.The Government as an entity was christian. The Nazi party adopted positive christianity as its official doctrine. wiki for ya!!!