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  1. Still miss our conversations Atwater. 

    1. Zequatanil


      I feel such deep sadness for your leaving- such a beautiful soul who now have left us. Rest in peace dear Al, and be always blessed and walk in the light!  You will not be forgotten!  With love : Suzanne


  2. Archiving old posts and cleaning up the forum. Kept running across your thoughts. Miss ya buddy and our conversations.

    1. RevTom


      It has been ages since I was last here, I have lost all the friends/followers I once had, and I am unfamiliar with the format now. Fawzo; Meredo. Atwater Vitki...all gone?


  3. we are in the chat room right now if anyone would like to join us

  4. Coolhand's discussion is going on right nowe in the Chatroom !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Coolhands discussion is going on right now in the chat room

  6. Coolhand's chat is about to begin

  7. don't forget to atttend Coolhand's discussion ton ight at 5 pacific and 8 eastern

  8. Yes chat is Tomorrow night at 5:30 pacific as posted

  9. Coolhand's chatroom sermon begins in a few minutes !

  10. half an hour till coolhand's sermon in the chat room

    1. Rev. Loraina

      Rev. Loraina

      blessings, do you know what the sermon is about? many blessings.. ty

  11. Happy Birthday Salem I hope it's a good one.

  12. Looking forward to coolhand's sermon this sunday at 9e :)

  13. Hell ya for the just because group!

  14. Glad to be back after all this time and hardship

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      I look forward to hearing from you and please, take your time! No big rush here.

      I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. My wife and I both know how difficult it is to have a sick "child" and will do anything for them we can.

      Tell your bow-wow our mow-mows send their healing energy.

      Blessings of Peace,