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    I am in the state of Missouri.

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    I am an artist. My favorite medium is polymer clay. I love to learn all manner of arts and crafts.
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    Universal Life

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  1. Thank you! Yes, I have the drumming tape with the 15 minutes of just drumming, the 15 minutes of drumming and rattle, and the 30 minutes of drumming. I have tried hypnotherapy for weight loss, and several sessions later I was still gravity challenged with no benefit from the sessions. I will try to find a hypnotherapist who understands what I'm trying to achieve. Good suggestion. I'll let you know what happens. Rev. Jeri Stewart
  2. Okay, uppon searching the internet, I have found that I will simply have to continue my journey without the help of plant helpers. Maybe a day of light eating, and plenty of camomile tea. Opening my pineal eye too soon would probably invite the wrong attention. Thank you for your 'sounding board'. Love to Learn Learn to Love Rev. Jeri Stewart
  3. Drat! Salvia Divinorum is illegal in Missouri. I will have to find another way to achieve a "Shamanic Trance". If anyone out there knows any other plant helpers that I may Legally use to Spirit Journey, I would welcome your advice. Still Trying the Hard Way Rev. Jeri Stewart
  4. In my studies of various spiritual paths, I have come to Shamanism. I have always felt the need to enter a Spiritual State of Consciousness. Having had one horrific childhood, that is only natural to find a coping mechanism. However, as I am much older, and have done enough work already dealing with that childhood, I find that I prefer to continue exploring my Spritual Potential. Here's my problem: I am diabetic, and a severe enough fast is beyond my reach. I continue to listen to the drum, but havent achieved a Shamanic Trance yet. I have considered using a plant helper, but do not know the best one that wont mess with my prescription medications. Of course, I'm talking about Legal Plant Helpers here. I will have to study up on Salvia Divinorum, and find out if it is Legal, and see what counteractions I would have to watch for. If I do, then I will have a medically knowledgeable friend keep an eye on my vitals while I Journey. Thank you for your posting of such helpful Shamanic Journey information. I will keep you posted on my progress so that others with Diabetes can learn from it. Love to Learn Learn to Love Rev. Jeri Stewart