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  1. I think it is bundled with a starter pack now. Includes a cert and some other things..
  2. I do believe it is still available through the store. is this what you are talking about Dorian?
  3. thiest is a pretty broad term, but it does fit. Might find yourself at home among the unitarians as well.
  4. even a toddler learns from poor decisions. They don't always learn the right lesson. But neither do adults.
  5. Form a state organization, have an annual gathering, or every millenia.. the law says regular, not frequent.. done and done.
  6. I am really curious how people are defining important here. Just as an example, when I was quite young, I decided to sun tan on the mattresses my neighbors had put out to air one summer day. They were on a picnic table. I rolled over, and over, so as not to burn, and fell off, on my head, onto concrete. An important decision, in that I could have been seriously hurt, or killed, if no one had been around to notice. I am sure I mad tons of important decisions at very early ages. I suspect you all did too. So, then how is one judged responsible enough to make a choice?? That it doesn't go badly? That it leads where we expect? I find the whole idea confusing.. (and intriguing. good topic..)
  7. if they are choices, which I doubt, they are all important.
  8. looking at that home, obviously, I am running my church incorrectly... But this guy, according to my net sleuthing, runs a web site creation business, so, that may be where he pays for the house.
  9. while I don't condone BrDevons response ( I think it was harsher than appropriate for a new member who seemed to genuinely present an opportunity for some who might be interested) I think he has a point. This is a community, with its own cultural mores. I would encourage you, if you have not already left, to continue to follow, and participate in the topic, understanding that some who are here may take umbrage of your approach. There are a lot of people here, many of whom don't ever post at all, but only lurk, and some of whom may still be interested in your offer, and might meet your expectations. We are a complex, diversified group. Still, I think his point is valid, in that it would have been much classier, in my opinion, if you had entered, engaged the community, learned a bit about us, made relationships, and then sought out potential contractors. Yes, a more cumbersome process, but it would make me feel less like a human resource you were looking to harvest, and more like a peer with whom you might be interested in collaborating. Directing me to your site to learn more about you is simple, but lacks any personal commitment to the relationship. Now, I am not your target audience - I neither live in your area, nor like to do weddings - but one or the other of those factors probably applies to most here. At any rate, I wish you luck.
  10. there are probably more than two options. how do we measure if a greater good was achieved. does it matter if the result was intentional?
  11. However, ULC Modesto isn't very tech savvy.. kind of traditionalist..
  12. A lot of the newly ordained join the forum because they think that it is part of the process, and with no real intent to become involved, I suspect. And most all forums have more lurkers than posters.
  13. well, yes, it might be. I was being a bit facetious.. of course.. but quite right. Hard to predict how a non human human is going to think.. in the long run. perhaps a writer could create some speculative fiction based upon the idea. Perhaps they might credit me for a tiny percentage.. Not really going to expect that..
  14. on the internets, 4chan might be seen as this kind of establishment. There are lots of them.. actually.
  15. Your kink is not my kink but your kink is ok.. my biggest concern is that old people tend to get more conservative, and that the number of old people will sky rocket. Progress will stop. mmm explains a lot of star trek episodes with super advanced civilizations slowly dying out.
  16. I don't think we have a choice, actually.. we will do as we will do.. but recognizing that we are not certain on things of which we are not certain, seems important.
  17. See, there is the bugaboo, ain't it. (bolding mine.. ^^) Of course, if you are wrong, you could be damaging their immortal soul with that logic.. I mean, we have pretty good evidence about the impact of dental care on teeth, but we hold religious beliefs without much actual supporting evidence. People who believe as THE TRUTH that their race is inherently superior to others wil teach their children the same, and probably they will "not depart from it". But it really isn't doing them any favors..
  18. understandable, assuming that you believe that the thing you believe is true is the only thing that is true.. A number of faiths hold this position. But if one believes that many paths can be true, it is less important which path is chosen.
  19. killer angels about gettysburg and The Marsh Arab Raji Hakkan.. a very old travel memoir about time spent with a Marsh Arab Trader in Iraq early in the 1900s.. And various game rules.