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  1. 15 years later it is still my crisis. But you and I are on the same page with a lot from what you have shared. Formally in a mixed faith or more universal or community setting I use Chaplain. I have a long bar pin and badge that I wear and it says only that. Interestingly, people so far have not felt the need to address me by name at all. They just refer to me as Chaplain (I'm usually the only one lol) but they are more than welcome to address me by first name or last, whichever they are most comfortable with. I did this once and I was asked if I was available to do the opening prayer for someone's dinner. I did not have proper attire to do that unfortunately or I certainly would have! I do not travel much, but if there is a thing where I would want to sign in at a hotel using the title in the future I would be sure that I had the proper clothing or items with me to perform the duties next time! It's not a bad idea actually, in case I might be available to someone for last rites or another opening prayer for dinner or something again.
  2. Good day, Regarding being addressed as Reverend (or other titles), I am curious to know your preference to use the title with your first name or surname. If you belong to a denominational church, what is the protocol with yours? My question isn't necessarily about formal address rules and etiquette. Just personal preference. Hypothetically... If I am addressed as Reverend, then I prefer Rev. Surname. If I am addressed as Sister, I don't have a preference with that at all. You?
  3. Hello Seeker, thank you for asking. The tag feature is restricted at the moment while the areas are still undergoing maintenance. New forum areas ready to be introduced, which should make it more clear where to create and post topics which would then make tags redundant in many cases. Once those areas open up, we will be able to understand better what the needs are without it becoming a case of a tag stating the obvious in its obvious area. I hope that makes sense! Your feedback is welcome. I expect the new areas will open up early in the week or late on the weekend.
  4. On the top right of the forum where your username is, the pulldown menu gives an option to go to your Profile. --> If you go to edit your profile, you will see new "poll questions" available to fill out, and there is an opportunity to upload a cover image. Why fill out the profile questions? The new questions in the profile are relatively "simple things in life" that give a glimpse of what you find meaningful, shared within a limit of 140 characters. If you find that answering any of the items prompts you to write or start a topic, even better! And here is the purpose and reason for this: On a site where discussions about personal beliefs and experiences are taking place, the information available to fill out on your profile offers us all a few things: an opportunity, a reminder / perspective that any person we are communicating with is a human being regardless of any opinion or any attitude we may have about them, or what anyone believes or how anyone behaves. When moderators and admins have to handle reports and issues, we look at someone's profile. The person reported, and the person doing the reporting. All hoping for some insight! It is so important for us on the staff to remember we are dealing with a person first, and then we can address behavior. This information is very helpful for those reasons. But even more so, in general for all of us, just that simple info gives a little bit more insight and sense of connection with the people we are spending our days (years!) with. I am sure the same thing goes for anyone who sees someone new, or a member who is posting alot, or posting "interesting" things...we get curious! We look at profiles! We might even respond differently by being given perspective from what we see in a profile. Most all questions are optional, so it is a matter of comfort level to opt-in to answer the questions. We hope that you do! From the Forum Staff Link can check out my profile, Brother Kevin's profile and Senior Lightworker Lucas profile and our cover photos. (I still need to update mine. Pardon the blurry grass.) The info on those accounts are all filled in. (I think!) ~ For the MBTI question, there is an interesting and fun site to take the quiz at located here. To begin to take the actual quiz the link is located on the top left of the screen. And if you don't subscribe to MBTI that's 100% fine. We on staff who have our MBTI filled out feel our results are accurate. It's all about your comfort level and maybe some discovery... Note: With the updated changes if your listed interests went over 140 characters you will have to shrink it down. Regarding cover photos, guidelines will be added soon. In the meantime, please consider alignment with the church doctrine when choosing to upload your photo. - Do that which is right. - This is a public forum with no age restrictions required for access. Questions and comments are welcome, and especially when you get yours filled out and a cover image uploaded please post a reply, because I love reading profiles. lol. Have fun!
  5. Thank you! Oh wow, it must have been a memorable one. Do I want to know? Yikes! I'm going to send you a PM! lol Qryos I remember for sure. I was hoping she would pop in again here on the forum and join us.
  6. Changelog: Forums are in the process of having helpful "keywords" added in their description to help guide which forum is best to start a topic in. Adding these helpful keywords will also aid with offering ideas for starting new topics. Some areas are still vague and the updates will continue. Brand new forum areas are open! New forums are: Folklore, Myth & Legend Science, Technology & Mathematics Refuge & Recovery You are welcome and encouraged to post topics in these new forums. Check forum descriptions for details. You know you always wanted to post about Big Foot and The Loch Ness Monster, right? I am in the process of locating posts on the forum that can be directed into the above forums for proper placement and future archiving. Name Changes: Forum name: Belief Systems and Ideologies is now named Interpath Dialogue. The word interpath is a modernized and updated term vs using interfaith or interbelief and is purposefully chosen to express inclusiveness and be welcoming for all groups. This forum along with others will have old topics shifting back and forth and is in the process of transitioning to house more universal discussion. New forums for specific belief systems and ideologies are in the process of being added. --- Forum name: Stories, Beliefs and ... is now named Stories, Realizations & Breakthroughs. This name more suitably reflects the topics and subject matter posted in the forum previously and will hopefully encourage the sharing of more of the same. The forum name Good Wishes... had its name updated with keywords added for more clarity about the types of posts welcome and encouraged there. The two forum groups mentioned above along with the new forum Refuge & Recovery are in an area that is named "Inspiration Station." It was previously titled, "Domestic Life." The Off-Topic forum was previously located in the Domestic Life section simultaneously renamed to The Kitchen Sink. It has now been moved to Other Interests and has transitioned to the name Hobbies & Leisure with "keywords" added to the forum description to encourage more clarity with the types of post welcome. The previous description used the general phrase, "everything else." It is all the same in its purpose just worded differently. Pet Corner and Trading Post have been made into subforums for now. Other More categorization was given to the emojis in the text editor section to enhance ease of locating them. ULC Minister's Junction was relocated to a section of the forum now named Reception Area, Support & FAQ If any of these have issues for you when it comes to viewing, posting or replying please let me know! Thanks! edited to add: The Science, Technology & Mathematics Forum is located in a section now renamed to: Principal Thought, Secularity & Social Science.
  7. Thank you for letting me know it is working! Permissions are so tricky in the back, it's easy to miss things like that.
  8. I am checking it right now! Let me know if it is working. Thanks!
  9. Thank you! There's some cool stuff coming up so stay tuned! On a PC the like button is all the way to the right of a post. It won't show up on your own. I'm not sure if/how it might show up on a mobile device. Let me know if you find it!
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum! Being that the organizations are not affiliated with one another, legal documents are recorded and are not transferrable. However, you can be legally ordained by both! On the main page of the website it will lead you to submit your ordination to be recorded with Universal Life Church International Headquarters in Modesto.The link is here for your convenience. Hope that helps, and again, welcome!
  11. I went to look for what the canon or central tenet is and this popped up on Wikipedia: Although followers of Jediism acknowledge the influence of Star Wars on their religion, by following the moral and spiritual codes demonstrated by the fictional Jedi,[6] they also insist their path is different from that of the fictional characters and that Jediism does not focus on the myth and fiction found in Star Wars.[7] The Jedi follow the "16 teachings" based on the presentation of the fictional Jedi, such as "Jedi are mindful of the negative emotions which lead to the Dark Side" and "Jedi are guardians of peace and justice".[8]Adherents also follow "21 maxims" - I can't say I know enough about the religion and based on it's name I unfortunately did assume the system would be based on fictional Jedi. This opens up some curiosity at my end to investigate.
  12. No problem. I'll take a look at what is going on there. Some things are shifting between areas so we can see and sort through what is left and continue even more sorting to put everything where it is supposed to go. A few complicated areas are giving us a headache. What is your thought for where the topics properly belong? No need to argue for them. Just want to know what your thoughts are about where they best fit and maybe that will alleviate the mixup. Thanks!
  13. That is going to make my brain explode. I thought I was so close. So close to an answer and it was just a matter of time!
  14. Thank you! It is nice to be roaming the forum and seeng familiar names. I have been trying to figure out what your name spells backwards for weeks.
  15. Hello, hello! ~ In my mind, I have exactly want to say all laid out and ready. And now that it's time to write the actual post, I feel a bit lost! I thought a formal post from either Murph or Brother Kevin would be made to introduce me with more detail sooner than later. In the meantime I have had my nose to the grindstone with re-styling the forum and everything. I apologize that I didn't introduce (re-introduce?) myself sooner. But maybe a few of you remembered me already and just said hi from a distance? A bit of reminiscing to segue into my (re-)introduction... When the forum was first created back in about 2001, my username was Dr.SillyRuca. I was co-administrating the forum with another member who will still visit rarely these days, and a bit down the road was co-administrating with Murph until I think, maybe around 2004. Murph and I (and Brother Kevin) have always stayed connected in some way~ shape or form. On the forum I had subsequently changed my username to Rev. YayHappens. Over the years I have continued to visit the forum and even managed to make a handful of posts. (I wish I could remember what my old avatar was.) But mostly during my visits, I would whirl through real quickly to do some light maintenance and give Murph a poke about updating the forum software which I'm sure he loved. I just recently settled to be active going with my most current username Amulet. (I could never decide on a name and I still have difficulty figuring out a proper-fitting title.) ...I have a message in my inbox from @edcrain dated 14 years ago to tell me happy birthday. Isn't that crazy? I need to take a screencap of that to post here! I remember @mdtaylor and mererdog. Dorian Gray and Mrs. Nicey-Nice have been on my friend lists on social media all this time. I've had a chance to chat quickly with Rev. Ed, too! Many familiar names are still active. It's amazing how ULC never leaves us. @murphzlaw1 and I have met up a couple of times this year IRL. We hit a Game of Thrones concert event together in March and recently on the 17th we met up for breakfast. He and I are tentatively scheduled to be hanging out for breakfast again in just a little bit over a week in case anyone wants to stalk us and claim our waffles and pancakes! ...The timing of the needs and dates for renovating the forum has all occurred at about the same time Murph's kids were getting out of school on summer break among other projects he's got going on. And, Brother Kevin also has his projects going on, so... I just came in and started working on what what tasks needed to be done. While I was posting updates in the Admin Announcement forum, I did not realize it at the time, but apparently nobody could reply to my changelogs. I wondered why everyone was being so quiet or didn't have any questions or comments. I was adjusting some settings and then realized the permissions did not allow for replies in the admin forum. How awkward! Well, that wasn't intended!! Woops! That is now in the changelog listed as fixed! I have had a chance to chat with @Rev. Calli and @Stormbringer. I have not had a chance to say hello to @Tallmike - big wave and hello! Hello to everyone formally! Finally! I will be posting some more news about what exactly is going on and what is happening where and when etc., What am I doing here? How long am I staying? Good questions! That info will be posted in a separate topic so this doesn't become a novel of a post, but if anyone has other questions I guess I've just put myself in the hotseat. Ask away. Have a wonderful week!
  16. Emoticons and smileys are in the process of being updated and categorized. Two new categories exist using flat emojis with more to come. Unfortunately the dimensions of the newer emojis are not suitable for the forum at the moment. Categories are: Emoji Symbols Emoji - Zodiac & Moon Phase The classic smiley emoticons will remain and will also be categorized for ease of selection. Have fun! - A "like" button has been reactivated in the system and is located on the bottom right of a post if it is not your own. Likes to not give points or add reputation or clout to a post or reply. It is available as an acknowledgment that an item has been read, etc.
  17. Section 6d: Outbound Links and Information Topics started here on the forum are created for the purpose of generating social interaction. You are welcome to post outbound links to accompany content related to a topic. Outbound links are supplemental for participants to use as reference. Creating a topic to only post an outbound link will generally be considered spam and the topic will be deleted. Creating a topic with an outbound link containing few words, or containing phrases that are intended as SEO link-back strategy is also considered spam and will be deleted. News and information links leading to material which appears to be misleading or is considered outright misinformation recently termed "fake news" will be deleted. Context included with outbound links in a post or reply will be taken into consideration to differentiate what is considered satire, strong bias, opinion, op-ed, hypothesis, theory or pseudoscience.
  18. I know of two people who actively practice. (Not members of the forum as far as I know.) Both are female. One lives in the US, and the other abroad. At the time I recall it being in the news,a long while back, it was when it there was a big push to have it recognized as a religion. That was happening in the UK if my memory serves correctly!
  19. Several forums are still in cleanup mode. Specifically the Virtues and Spirituality forum, the Beliefs and Thoughts Forum, and the Congregation and Member Links forum. The Staff Directory has been updated to reflect members who have been active more recently. Admins and moderators who have been on an extended hiatus are recognized as Distinguished Members in our member groups. The text for their group color is indicated as green, italic. Prayer Partners and Mentors have been added to the directory.
  20. This is a beautiful composition, Gail! Thank you for sharing.
  21. Universal Spirituality has been renamed to Universal Virtues and Spirituality. The forum description has been updated. A pinned post has been added to the forum to direct topic creation. **This forum is a work in progress.** Many topics currently in the forum will be relocated for better placement of the subject matter. Once sorted to get a better view of the remaining content, it may undergo more changes. If an old, relevant topic is locked and looks interesting, please be encouraged to start a new one and get new conversation going!
  22. Welcome to the Universal Virtues and Interpath Dialogue Forum. Depending on the source, virtue is defined as: General moral excellence; right action and thinking; goodness or morality; a specific moral quality regarded as good or meritorious. "Do only that which is right." Examples of virtues and other universal concepts which influence human nature, the human condition or our own state of being are: Humility Kindness Temperance Chasity Patience Charity Diligence Discipline Dutifulness Mercy Wisdom Honesty Honor Loyalty Respect Benevolence Courage Sincerity etc. Broad concepts with no equivalent translation to English: Agape Ahimsa Bushida Karuna Metta Mudita Nirvana Ubuntu Upekkha Other related/adjacent: Anima Conscience Essence Karma Spirit Soul Superconscience **A very nice resource list of virtues and their definitions is located here. Does your topic... Focus on how abc applies to a specific belief system or ideology only? Not universal. --> Post in the Interfaith Academia area. Focus on the existence of abc or propose to find proof of evidence about abc or present abc as a theory? Problematic fundamentals. --> Post in Philosophical Talk. Focus on how abc applies to government or societal regulations and restrictions? Perhaps best suited in --> Social Issues, Ethics and Government
  23. Hello Gail! Nice to meet you and welcome aboard. Feel free to join in on any conversations on the forum. Congratulations on your recent ordination!
  24. Oh to be 21. Time goes by so fast! Enjoy the birthday celebration and happy Father's Day!
  25. Wishing all bio dads, stepdads & "fur, feather and fin" dads a happy Father's Day. Hope the day is enjoyable. Anyone have any special plans?