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  1. Just came back from seeing the film.....

    Eh...I think in the book (not sure it has been awhile) - mom died from a disease - not a broken heart ....but they can use whatever poetic license they choose in the movie - I thought it was fun romp.

    Did anyone else notice the TOTAL lack of vegetation of any kind...anywhere? Not a tree, a plant, a flower .... Odd world it is that has NOTHING green.

    THIS is one movie I think ya gotta see AT THE THEATER ......or at least that is my take on it.



  2. Finished BUDDHISM FOR DUMMIES - helpful to me as I am starting at ground zero....I had an overview of this particular school of thought in college.....and a few incidents of interactions with Buddhism as my path crossed it in some ways over and over - but this is my first serious attempt to understand MORE THAN the surface information.

    In this book (for dummies) a good many questions were answered. Taking it to the next level - a good many replacement questions surfaced. :)

    In addition I am reading the last two chapters of BUDDHISM FOR BEGINNERS....the entire book is a question/answer format and a VERY easy read. Very helpful as to the origins of many Buddhist beliefs and written in "plain English". I will be finishing this book tonight.

    I am also half-way through THE TEACHINGS OF BUDDHA............I am deliberately reading this book slowly as it allows for (promotes) (causes) (invites) a great deal of thought. As soon as I finish it - I am quite certain I will start at the front cover and read it even slower the next time.


  3. Just finished reading GIFTS OF THE TRAVELER (or something like that) :)

    .....I already returned the book to the owner who loaned it to me.

    Summary: A rework of the IT's A WONDERFUL LIFE theme....guy is down and out on his luck,

    crashes his car, bumps his head....meets up with seven figures (six in the past one in the future) who each give him a message/gift along he way. Most figures were historical ala Harry Truman, Ann Frank, Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon....angel Gabriel.

    The book was a bit preachy IMHO and had a decidedly Christian vent. It is a lite read (you can finish it in a an hour or two)...and there are moments where it can even be captivating. But overall it had a few too many flat spots for me to actually recommend it.

    The author does have some gift with humor though so if you like a less than heavy read - you might like it.