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  1. I am not sure; i was raised mormon and it sure was nice when I was young. Now, I am nothing. God and/or the concept of God, is so far beyond definition and all the structure, I can no longer support the limitations. I guess, after all that schooling and university, and finding out that the biological foundations of man are not nurished by the good word, but rather have been demonized, then it is little wonder that the whole world generally is suffering from psychological wounds. It is said, "One cannot go against the Word of God."; I believe that we, our DNA sequences, are the words of God, and men, for the most part, far more so than women, have busied themseves with inventing a New Order of Nonsense, pretending that it is better than the Natural Order. Oh well, such is my dementia and my stupidity; but maybe God is after all a Scientist Walking in the Garden of Eden, and we are just too afraid to believe that our DNA is our name, our being, the spirit of God within, the Mitochondrial powerhouse energizing us for the eternal work of life-giving in a femine universe. I quote myself "When we finally truly see the truth of what we are, then when we speak it is not to convince others, but merely to affirm our faith in them, that no matter how long it takes they will find themselves. When we have found ourselves, we are not merely abiding our time here on earth, waiting to die so that we can go to heaven; nor are we gleeful about wars and rumors of wars and hope that Armageddon will come; nor do we pray for the rapture. NO. NO. NO. These are the games of the predators who speak with the eloquence of angles but who are the very monsters consuming the people. Those who find themselves, who see the truth, are busily engaged in building heaven here on earth. It is not a question of God, or no God, but of believing that we are here to bring to pass happiness and joy in this sphere and to live in the struggles and learn that to struggle is to live; all else is a serious miscalculation, a lie that takes away our dignity and our opportunity to live in the here and the now. (glg)"