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  1. May the Goddess and God hold you in their arms in love and comfort. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. The opera opens next weekend!! I am really amazed at how far we have come in such a short time, if you are able to attend this production you will not be dissapointed. The opera is 2 1/2 hours long and will be sung in English (with Latin prayer sections) The staging and voices are amazing, if you are able to see a show at ASU this semester I highly recommend this one. Everyone in the cast has done their best and it shows!! All the Best, Klarynn
  3. As members of a faith that is often looked upon with fear and suspicion, this story holds great significance! It has been 212 years since these women were executed for their beliefs and there are still people living in fear. It is my hope that some of you can attend this opera, the music is amazing and beautiful. An interesting fact that is not widely known is that Poulenc was a homosexual as well as a devout Catholic. This opera was written as penance and in a way of atoning for what he felt at the time was his great shame. I can only imagine the pain he was feeling when he created it. Blessed Be Klarynn
  4. I am performing the role of Madame Lidoine. My cast will be performing on Saturday evenings. February 25th and March 4th 2006 at 7:00pm. Support local music and honor the sacrifice these women gave for their faith. Please visit my website for directions to the performance. Ticket information is available online through the Herberger College of Fine Arts Box Office or by calling 480-965-6447. cfaboxoffice-at-asu.edu Tuesday – Friday 10:30am-6:00pm and Saturday Noon-4pm 1794 Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne Sixteen Carmelites caught up in the French Revolution and martyred. When the revolution started in 1789, a group of twenty-one discalced (barefoot) Carmelites lived in a monastery in Compiegne France, founded in 1641. The monastery was ordered closed in 1790 by the Revolutionary gov­ernment, and the nuns were disbanded. Sixteen of the nuns were accused of living in a religious community in 1794. They were arrested on June 22 and imprisoned in a Visitation convent in Compiegne There they openly resumed their religious life. On July 12, 1794, the Carmelites were taken to Paris and five days later were sentenced to death. They went to the guillotine singing the Salve Regina. They were beatified in 1906 by Pope St. Pius X. The Carmelites were: Marie Claude Brard; Madeleine Brideau, the superior; Maire Croissy, grand niece of Colbert Marie Dufour; Marie Hanisset; Marie Meunier, a novice; Rose de Neufville Annette Pebras; Anne Piedcourt: Madeleine Lidoine, the prioress; Angelique Roussel; Catherine Soiron and Therese Soiron, both extern sisters, natives of Compiegne and blood sisters: Anne Mary Thouret; Marie Trezelle; and Eliza beth Verolot. The martyrdom of the nuns was immortalized by the composer Francois Poulenc in his famous opera Dialogues des Carmelites.
  5. I have the recording from Graz with orchestra up on my website now. Please pop in and give it a listen. http://www.public.asu.edu/~jenn94 Dich Theure Halle from Tannhauser.
  6. I like the blessing!! I think in greeting cards shorter poems are better, you can also say quite a lot with few words.
  7. Just read Ocean's Fire by Christine Freehan... not a bad book if you like romance and magic. The romance scenes were a little flat unfortunately.. but the story line had promise. If I found another about the Drake sister's I would pick it up out of curiosity to see if the author picks up more skills.
  8. I have never read the book and I thought it was bizarre... but I was expecting a monty python surreal twist and that was what I got.. so I was happy heheh.
  9. secret smile on lips. I know the reason to laugh. don't worry, I'll share! Happy Holidays
  10. With a head that size It is no wonder it got stuck. All I can say, Yuck! Hehaha sorry couldn't resist, it is Friday afterall!
  11. Keep smiling suko There is silver in the cloud I saved it for you
  12. Hehaha well said... let's make them like to drink and sing oh yeah and burn in the sun.. ROFL heheh
  13. Hehe.. it's a deal! I am not going anywhere! I am way too stubborn for that. Moonlight streams in soft Gabriel cries for his mom life's wonders are small
  14. Been there tooo many times to count! LOL... Now I carry SPF 50 or higher. Irish women never tan we just reach varying shades of crimson.
  15. Yikes! That one sounds like a suicide note. I was a bit concerned about this one from Klaryn as well...Hon are you ok? Sorry for the worries guys.. hehe I am fine. LIke any artist sometimes I have a dark night of the soul. For me the answer often lies in writing... Thanks for always being there and listening.