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  1. Merry Christmas ya'll! Kids got spoiled this year! :)

  2. so called the car shop for my car, to see where we were at. 2 more weeks, and so far $7577 in damage.

    1. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      did your car eat an import? what's the excuse for THAT price?

    2. murphzlaw1


      hail damage. it's an 09 chevy cobalt. They have to replace most of the panels and the roof and hood and truck.

      Should look brand new when they're done with it!

      Insurance is covering it all, of course...

    3. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      wow, I'm glad I live in coastal Va.

  3. quote of the night: "and I just wanted to give him a papercut on his eyeball. "

  4. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

  5. I dunno what happened, but there was a bg mess with the files. I had to get the experts to come in and fix it. Thanks Mark with IPS!

  6. *geek moment* nothin like a clean computer. tore it apart, took it outside, got all the dust out. runs much mo betta.

  7. raven gemstone 1831-35. don't ask.

  8. Quote of the night, part 2: (Marie):"my husband likes men in tights."

  9. haven't had an upgrade go that bad in quite some time...

    1. Fawzo


      Use less mayonnaise next time!

  10. Why hello 09 chevy cobalt! Nice to meet you! We'll be hangin out for the next few years. Tell me about yourself!

  11. quote of the night: "I googled the gerbil and the goat." these girls are somethin else.

  12. quote of the night: "they don't have vanilla milk?" (in the vending machine.)

    1. RevRainbow


      thanks for the chuckle.

  13. quote of the night: "it takes two to mango"

  14. tres leche cake ftw!

  15. lol. pulled $200 out of a 2 cent slot machine. it was a star trek machine.

    1. Tsukino_Rei


      Ask it for Earl Grey, hot. I dare you.

    2. murphzlaw1


      actually, it was a TOS machine, not a TNG one. It had tribbles all over it!

    3. Tsukino_Rei


      =D I love tribbles! <3

  16. so if I did this I update my status on the SHOULD update my status on facebook...

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    2. Tsukino_Rei



    3. Tsukino_Rei
    4. murphzlaw1


      uh huh. it updated my facebook status. I don't think the reverse works, but that's okay.

  17. heheheheheeheh. upgrade complete!

    1. murphzlaw1


      boy you guys don't say much when I do this stuff!

  18. if you see any errors on the forum....yeah. that's me.

  19. Hello! "sotik has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello? "

  20. I've been known to play a little bit, on occasion ;)

  21. perhaps. I'll look into it. I think there's a way to disable that. I mean, I know that Mod HQ posts aren't visible to members, so, it's not inconceivable that there's a way to limit who sees what.

  22. I'm in yer profile commenting on you.

  23. Not like you, homie, not like you..

  24. ha ha! second comment.

    k I'm done now.