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  1. Murph's poll! Do you tip at buffets?

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    2. rdfoodog


      Yes for sure, aw Joyful noted above, I feel much the same. Waiters that sit, clean , direct you, serve you at a buffet tabe, buss workers, etc. all deserve pay for good service accordingly. A tip left on the table is not usually for one particular individuall but most establishment are known to pool all the tip and devide them equally for all staff, includeing dishwashers cooks etc. It ia only proper if one expects good food and service the by tipping insures that the standard of these establ...

    3. Bro. Hex

      Bro. Hex

      Always. and at least 10% (which is much less than in a restaurant where you get much more service).

    4. Hyper Real

      Hyper Real

      I do not eat much at buffets but when I do I leave a small tip.

  2. And welcome home, atlantis! All together, all shuttles flew 135 missions, 542 million miles, and made 21,150 orbits around the Earth. well done!

  3. the impossible has occurred. I'm actually considerin buyin an LVMPD detective a beer.

  4. okay. google+ invite, please.

  5. I'm very pleased for New York. I can't help but wonder why 5 of the 6 states that have legalized same sex marriage are all on the East coast? (Iowa bein number 6)

    1. BrDevon


      And why is Rhode Island so full of bigots on the hill that they won't legalize?

  6. Happy Anniversary to my wife, Jennifer Stern. I Love You.

    And happy birthday to my son. Time has flown by.

  7. agreed, welcome back. wonderin where ya disappeared to.

  8. Welcome home Endeavour! Thank you for 25 missions, 122,000,000 miles! 280 days, 9 hours, 39 minutes, 44 seconds in orbit. One shuttle flight remains...Good Luck, Atlantis!

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      Ditto and Amen! TY shuttle crews for 30 year of service!

  9. Not sure which weirds me out more: the fact my niece is watching Star Trek, or the fact that I recognized it AS Star Trek after hearing a one second sound byte (hailing channel open) as I walk into the house.

  10. oh I'm sorry. I meant to say FOUR bad guys caught. suck it, again, bad guys!

  11. Wedding successfully completed. Everyone seems very pleased. Best of luck to David and Karina!

  12. 12 minutes to wedding. sound checks complete. nervousness will probably set in in 3....2....

  13. wedding prep complete. shoes shined, hair did, ceremony ready.

  14. To my Doctor Who people: (safe link, I am really posting). Probably the best Sarah Jane tribute. (thanks -at-MsChicGeek)

  15. I just lost The Game.

    1. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      you can't lose the game because you've already lost the game

  16. at ihop. click click, bloody click, pancakes!

  17. Sibling war! Copy and paste this if you are the best and smartest of your siblings. If this stands for one hour without your brothers and sisters protesting, it is so.

    1. Brother Michael Sky
    2. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      does it matter that I posted it in Arabic, on a forum in Uzbekistan? fair's fair right?

    3. murphzlaw1
  18. Welcome home Discovery! Thank you for 148,000,000 mi, 39 missions, including the Hubble telescope, 27 years of service!

  19. holy crap it's bright out. I don't know how you day people handle that big yellow thing in the sky. mom, your nephew is awful for makin me pull a double. punish him or somethin!

  20. quote of the day: "so you're related to jim?? really?" yes, steph. "since when?????"

  21. I wanna perform a wedding where I can talk like the priest in "princess bride." Wuv....TWUE Wuv. dat bwessed awangement. dat dweam wiffin a dweam!

    1. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      lmao, my imagination is too good - that whole scene just played in my mind... Great Movie...!!

    2. Stormson


      LOL.. Man.. I dont know WHAT your smoking bro... But hit ans pass dude, hit and PASS! LOL

    3. Fawzo


      Sounds like a wedding Elmer Fudd would perform.

  22. so just signed all the papers for the boy's first year of high school. :/

    1. RevRainbow


      my kid is graduating in June! He was teenage angst the first two years, but things got better.

  23. 1 hour, 52 minutes for an oil change on the truck. at least they washed it!

  24. I am very much liking the pictures I'm seein about the snowfall in vegas. I'm very much loving that I'm not there!