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  1. Genesis 1:1-4 (Revised Standard Version) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.
  2. Traditionalist Christianity showing its flaws here. No blame to you for being mislead by others. If the whole point of Christianity is to be Christ-like, why would God punish someone for making mistakes along the way? Also "forgiveness alone does not eliminate the consequences of an offense..." Whos forgiveness, God? But only God can judge the growth and status of the soul. No human being is wise or omniscient enough to correctly access the spiritual statue of another.
  3. This is the result of man creating a God to fit its needs. The teachings of the Mother-Father God Jesus spoke of has devolved into this Christian "God".
  4. I am going to assume you are referring to the Christian interpretation of God. Apparently it was to die for our sins, releasing us from the original sin of mankind from Adam and Eve.
  5. Shalom! How many credits do you currently have in the program? I was contemplating taking some courses myself but I found another distance learning seminary.
  6. Ultimately it is the word of man. Even the teachings of Mar Yeshua is the word of man.
  7. The Bible is exactly that, a book of interpretations. From my personal experiences, if you want to discover your spirituality, stay away from the Old Testament. It is a compilation of myths and legends from people who created a concept to validate themselves. Now looking into the teachings of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus, might help you find what you are searching for. Peace!
  8. They do give free clitoris reconstruction, promote a reclamation of the swastika as a symbol of peace, and promote love. Of course in my opinion religion is an institution which does more bad than good, and any organization with the worship of a person alive is a recipe for disaster.
  9. Personally, none of it. Of course people are free to choose as they want, even if it's...exotic to say.
  10. I did a project over a new age religion called Raëlism in school. Vice made a great documentary about them. Here is me sharing.
  11. Happy Birthday! 🍰 (If you celebrate that sort of thing) Thanks for keeping the forum active.

  12. While in Boy Scouts of America I was invited into the Order of the Arrow, an honor association you can only be granted access to by being voted in by your peers. After you attain enough votes you are declared a candidate, where you then proceed to an ordination ceremony. At this ordination ceremony four main characters are present. Kichkinet (the guide), Meteu, Nutiket, and Allowat Sakima. Some lodge's scripts may vary. Throughout this whole ceremony the scouts in the roles try their best to channel these mythical characters. References to the winds and other traditions are embraced in these c
  13. I did not mean it as such. I meant that the issue with the manager could have been resolved without the intent to harm him by black magic. The issue could have been resolved by displaying their displeasure to the manager and coming to a resolve. I agree with having friends with varying degrees of beliefs and opinions, but having a friend who acts irrationally to wish ill upon someone makes me feel threatened. What if I have an argument with them and they wish ill against me? It's a dangerous friendship. Anyway thanks for your input, I wish more would would have the courage like you to speak th
  14. This reminds me of my grandfather who says "Wicked people are like spiders who ensnare those in their web." I often forget to surround myself with those that wish well upon others . It is time to reorganize my circles. I don't want a friend who will wish ill on me as an emotional response, rather than resolve it intellectually.
  15. Yes I have heard of this. I have been learning more about wicca, witchcraft, and magik, everyone tells me that arts such as these are dangerous. The Priest of a coven I have been contacting recently to learn more suggested I distance myself from this person as soon and gently as possible to avoid angering them. He said that people who react in such ways are a danger to everyone around them.