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  1. Replying to this post, although its a bit old. It would be easier and necessary to first find a spiritual and addictions counselor who can work with Pagans and such. A spiritual counselor who knows and understands Paganism. Someone in private practice or working at a counseling center. I am a Spiritual Counselor myself and do work with people with addictions. I work by telephone or internet for free. Also, you can try to find a Spiritual Counselor who works with people with addictions in your area.
  2. I am inviting anyone interested in joining a group focused on Native American Spirituality that is both inter-tribal and inter-faith. You can believe or practice any other religion, spirituality, culture, philosophy, etc. However, this circle will focus primarily on Native American traditions and practices as well as modern expressions based on Native American traditions and practices. We will study, talk, pray, practice ceremonies and have fellowship together. You can be from any background: racial, ethnic, Native, Non-Native, mixed, etc. I understand that being inter-tribal and interfaith is