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  1. • The Successs Principles by Jack Canfield3. It’s time to determine how you feel and what your life is like now as opposed to how it was when you first started the program. What was the most important thing you learned? What are you taking away with you? Has your life changed? If so, how? Please send an essay talking about what you learned, didn't learn, wish you'd learned, how it changed your life, etc. and send it to with your current mailing address (just to verify).


    Is this the Submission Letter, please and thank you?


    I am sorry to be a bother. And be well. 

  2. --My First Time Drying Sage--


    I got my sage dried. It was an easier process than I had imagined.


    This is all the steps entailed.


    1: I gathered the sage from my landlord's garden on the apartment grounds.


    2: I thoroughly washed the sage.


    3: I set the sage on a clean hand towel for about 8 hours.


    4: I bound the sage together and hanged the sage from the rod for my delicate, air-dry clothing for approximately 2 weeks until dry.


    Now I intend to burn the sage in a beautiful seashell.


    Peace unto you. I hope you are faring well.



    --Priestess Autumn Penn

  3. II. The Clearing of People and of Places Via Music Research

    July 23, 2020



       I am a Music Mage. Thus, I already have a ukulele; a digital keyboard; a wooden kazoo, a moon-shaped tambourine, a bronze ritual bell; and a simple frame drum.


       I decided to listen to YouTube samples of instruments I have always been curious about using but knew little about. I listened to sound samples of the following: the bullroarer; the 3-bell sistrum; the Conch Shell horn; ankle bells; and the tongue drum.


       I would like to try out most of these at some point with the exception of the bullroarer since I would need such a large amount of space in which to use it; it is not an indoor area instrument. 


       Some I may attempt to make by hand, such as the 3-bell sistrum and the ankle bells.


       Thank you for your time and your listen. Be well.


       Priestess Autumn Penn

  4. I. The Clearing of Places & of People with Sage

    July 23, 2020



       I prepared homemade Sage Water for the very first time during the full moon. This is how I went about the 
    process below.


    1 Picked the Sage.
    2 Cleaned the Sage.
    3 Put it into a clean glass jar.
    4 Covered it in water.
    5 Sat it in my windowsill the night of the full moon (June’s full moon).
    6 Allowed it to sit for 3 nights & 3 days.
    7 Strained out the Sage.
    8 Poured the Sage Water into a clean, new spray bottle.
    9 Have allowed friends to use it to cleanse any objects they are nervous over and I have chanted “Kyrie Eleison Christe Eleison” over such objects.
    10 Kept it in my fridge in between uses to preserve it.



       I was unaware I was supposed to add sea salt. After reading my homework, I now am aware to add it next time.



       My landlord grows plenty of herbs on the property with Sage being one of them. Sometime soon, I will harvest some Sage after I research how to preserve it.


       Of course, since I am still a learner, I welcome constructive criticism. 


       Thank you for your time and be well.


       --Priestess Autumn Penn








    July 14, 2020


       Shamanic methods I have tried that I have had success with include the following: the recitation
    of pre-set mantras in Sankrit/Hebrew/Latin and self-created music in Spanish and my own self-
    created language (an idiosyncratic tongue) to calm others when they are scared or nervous; singing 
    at wakes to calm the grieving; the usage of power animals as protective guardians; using tarot cards 
    for meditations; dream interpretation of my own dreams to assist myself in self-betterment and 
    dream interpretation to assist others; cloud divination; the use of my dead kin as protectors; 
    dancing myself into a trance to aid in both physical healing and emotional healing; coaching others 
    in how to do shamanic dance; using the Warrior Dress & the Warrior Dance to protect myself the 
    few times when I have had overt, dangerous human enemies; using reiki on myself when my 
    physical ailment is severe by visualizing my power animals entering my body and consuming the 
    pain and calming the chronic illness. For my Crohn’s, I like the Serpent and the Koi Fish. The 
    Serpent for unbinding and the Koi Fish for soothing.


      I have not explored any other options yet.


      I am nervous about trying Reiki on another human. I think I will try it on my dog first. She is 
    afraid of thunder and a few other loud noises. I will try it out on her before asking a friend if
    they are willing.


       I have not yet given long-distance healing a try; but, I will. I am still meditating on how to best
    succeed at this. Most of my friends are more prone to be reading; to be listening to music; or to be 
    engaging in arts or crafts than to be watching the television; so, I am considering altering the 
    visualization from imagining healing them via a tv screen to what caters best to them each as 


    I think to heal people, one has to individualize as much as humanly possible.


       Thank for your time and your listen.


       I hope you are doing well. :)


      --Priestess Autumn Penn (Autumn the Gray)

  6. July 6, 2020

       First off, I will admit I knew little about the fighting style of the Shaolin Monks prior to this 


       I viewed “The Top Most Shocking Insane Shaolin Martial Monk Skills: Jaw-Dropping Skills” 
    on YouTube to complete this assignment because the link attached to the lesson is now defunct. I 
    discovered that within the practice of Shaolin Monk Kung Fu, there are 72 available skills to 
    master; 36 available weapons to handle; and 2 animal movements to use.


       The video featured 10 of the 72 skills. The first of the 10 shown was The Inverse 
    Handstand on One Index Finger; they train their fingers by finger-punching on trees. The 
    second of the 10 was The Shattering of Glass with a Needle. The third of the 10 was The 
    Impenetrable Skull which they develop by repeatedly hitting their skulls with a variety
    of hard objects until their skulls are unable to be even penetrated by drills. The fourth is 
    The Squatting on Two Pillars Supported by Poles. A stake is placed beneath the genitals and the
    duration for this technique lasts for two hours. The fifth is known as Drunken Lila Skill; the 
    monks feint drunkenness and hold onto their opponents and injury them. The sixth—Pricked by
    Multiple Spears. The seventh of the 10 is The Making of the Abdominal Muscles into a
    Suction Cup Able to Hold a Bowl. The eight—Lifting an Entire Table with Its Contents Solely
    with the Teeth. The ninth of the 10 is Smashing Stacked Boulders Merely with the Palm of
    One’s Hand. And lastly, The Smashing of Boulders Against the Head.


       What I believed to be humanly possible and impossible prior to this video did not change much
    because I know fire-eaters, contortionists, Black Belts, et cetera.


       What did change after watching and studying this video is what I believed to be humanly
    possible and impossible for me because I decided to safely attempt a few of these; video 
    myself; post them to my Facebook page; and attempt to teach my supportive friends what I feel I 
    learned from the Shaolin Monk Kung Fu YouTube video.


       I learned that when I told myself I could pick up a plate with my teeth on the first try and
    succeed that I did so. I learned that when I told myself I could figure out my own version
    of the Drunken Lila that I did. I learned that I could sit and stand up with a bowl atop my 
    head when I told myself I was capable of doing such.


       I learned how much I have been holding myself back.


       I learned that The Law of Attraction is authentically powerful.




       Thank you for your time. Be well.


    ---Priestess Autumn Penn

  7. July 23, 2020
    Autumn Penn

       I attempted the blue sphere (blue bubble) as a protective barrier. I first tried to set it up,   
    gradually, by building a blue shield atop me; a blue shield below me; a blue shield to the right of  
    me; a blue shield to the left of me. Then, I visually added metal spikes on the outside of them. 


       At that point, I mentally battled with the indecision of whether I should have outward facing 
    mirrors set up inside or a black light to absorb any negativity (including my own anxiety).


       I sat in my black moon chair for what felt like an exceedingly long time and I told myself to 
    figure it out quickly because I wanted to eat some baked chicken, asparagus, and some beets 
    soon. Note to self: meditating while dinner is in the oven and smelling very delicious is 
    motivating and may or may not be recommended.


       I began to frustrate myself so badly. The annoyance with myself ended up with me seeing
    myself standing up somehow holding a whip with a fireproof handle in my dominant hand
    at my Solar Plexus chakra area that snaked out into a blue flaming whip sphere that encircled
    my body.


       Done. LOL.


       Perhaps, I should frustrate myself more often. 😉 😊


       I, actually, am happy with this. I feel this is the FIRST sitting meditation I have had success 
    with. Now that I have it already visualized, I will be able to quickly recall it. 


       I am now considering lighting candles of food scents I am medically restricted from eating 
    prior to seated meditations. Caramel Brownie Delight, Lemon Pound Cake Supreme, Banana 
    Daquiri  Squeeze, and Peach Pie Aroma Bliss candles are only a dollar and the store a block 
    down. I think the olfactory agitation will be motivating. LOL. In all honesty, now I see that 
    physical hunger drives me to think faster.


       Thank you for your time once again. Constructive criticism is welcome. Love and peace to each of you.



    --Priestess Autumn Penn

  8. July 19, 2020

    Autumn Penn


       Unfortunately, with everything happening in the world right now, I have not been able to find any 
    friends free to act as the “receiver” or the “sender” for The Telepathy Exercises as of yet. However, my 
    neighbor is willing to assist me next week. I am looking forward to these exercises.


       Peace and blessings to everyone.


       Thank you for your time.


       ---Priestess Autumn Penn

  9. July 18, 2020
    Autumn Penn

       While completing the Worry Meditation for class, I began with thirteen cleansing breaths. I only 
    did such because it is what I have always done prior to any form of meditation. I believe the 
    number thirteen is auspicious on account of the typical annual thirteen full moons. Should I always 
    do this or try something new? I am uncertain. I will try something new the next time for a new 


       I did not close my eyes while breathing. I instead focused on a blue candle--blue is my favorite 
    color of all--in my windowsill. 


       I like ceramics; thus, I decided to use a ceramic item as my worry container. I visualized a Blue
    Morpho butterfly-shaped ceramic oil decanter with a removable cork to serve me during this
    exercise. I, then, visualized each worry dropping from my mind into my Blue Morpho butterfly oil
    decanter one by one.


       Temporarily, I was stuck in thought deciding what to do with my worries after I corked them
    closed. I wondered how I should best do away with them. Ok. I low-keyed lied out of shame. I 
    was stuck for a long long while sitting in my black moon chair trying to solve this enigma.


       Finally, I decided to imagine a black shimmery light ball (since the color black is said in some 
    magical systems to absorb negativity) coalescing inside of the decanter and putting pressure on 
    my worries until they were no longer negative but a small blue Sodalite crystal, which I imagined 
    I removed and inserted into my pocket. I just thought that maybe the pressure could work like the 
    pressure of the earth’s womb creating crystals and gems.


       Does this make any kind of since to anybody else? I am unsure if it makes sense to me or to 
    anyone else. It was awkward but complete. I will need much more practice at this.
       It was not easy. It did not come to me naturally. I feel I would have had an easier time stomping  
    or clapping or dancing or growling like a bear or hissing like a big cat or verbally declaring my 
    worries and then blowing out into an empty jar and capping it closed to remove such worries. I do 
    not know why I need movement, vocalization, or music to meditate. 

       One of my friends tries to blame the African ancestry but I am only part that; so, that is illogical. 
    I mean can we also blame the Irish and the Spanish ancestry?

    # foolish

       I am open to constructive criticism and valuable input.

       Peace and blessings to you.



    --Priestess Autumn Penn

  10. July 17, 2020
    Autumn Penn



       While journeying further into meditation for class, I found that the sitting forms of meditation 
    simply were much harder for me to accomplish. 

       However, I have done yoga asanas for over thirty years and I recently began Qi Gong when I chanced 
    upon a dvd while at the library. I also took one Tae Know Do class in college to meet my Physical 
    Education requirement. I feel that moving meditations work extremely successfully for me in calming  
    and centering me; therefore, I have decided to enroll in Karate classes at my local park as soon as I 
    have the financial means to do so and I have put Qi Gong dvds on hold at my local library. Both Yin Yoga 
    & Hatha Yoga I practice regularly and much enjoy.

       When it comes to musical meditations, I absolutely love them. I was introduced to them in college 
    while working on my music minor. One was the Latin “Kyrie Eleison”; the other the Hebrew “Hashi 
    Venu”. I visited one of the Buddhist temples in my area and I found the chanting to be emotionally, 
    psychologically, physically, and spiritually liberating.

      I have not yet attempted to envision a rainbow to cleanse my chakras; however, I have done the chakra 
    mantra cleanse along with a video on YouTube. I like the chakra mantra cleanse a lot. I think 
    this is merely because I am into music. I will at some point take on the harder challenge of the rainbow 
    visualization. It will be good for me to tackle something difficult for me.

       Thank for taking the time to read my short essay of my experiences so far as I go along my path to 
    obtain my Bachelor in Metaphysics. Constructive criticism and helpful input are welcome.

      Peace, happiness, blessings, and love to you all.




    --Priestess Autumn Penn