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  1. I have almost completed the Chaplaincy Program since I returned.  All I have left is for them to evaluate me and do the Final Program essay and the Volunteer 45 hours.   


    I also Submitted a Congregational Application to start a Church in  my Home town Back in February.    Had a hiccup for awhile , but they've told me it's on the way now.   NewberryULC in Newberry, South Carolina. Smack in the Bible Belt.   Congregation has 12 members and 5 board members.   We meet in my home for now, until we decide on a Building, or Meeting Tent  or whatever the future presents us with.


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  2. I think that aliens were the gods as far as humans are concerned in those times. 

          If they returned, I seriously doubt they would have a need to re-assume those roles.   I think they have never left,  and just let us progress in a make or break situation.    I do not think there would be a grand  government announcement; but, in their own way and time, to welcome us as a young newbie world to the brotherhood of space faring people.


  3. I have came back from a break well.  I've been ordained and continuing my path for 15 years.   I do not see anyone I recognize here, nor did I keep up with them.   I suppose that many that broke away for what ever reason separated with those reasons.  Such is the nature of life and it's reasons or seasons.


    I find that the ULC has kept true to it's inclusion of all various belief systems.  I Consider myself to be very Heathen eclectic.  And serve as such.     I never did participate in some of the debate on where to focus beliefs.  I will not in the future neither.



  4. On 12/18/2019 at 3:53 PM, mark 45 said:

    amy hasn't been around seminary for a long time.


    i know you can still get the chaplin course,but you have to go to the book store to get it.

    Yes, I know about some of that concerning Amy.    

    Yes, I have enrolled in the Chaplain course.  I have not been able to gain access to any of the seminary forum sections.

     I do appreciate the welcome backs.     Sometimes it's best to take a break before one burns themselves out as I did already once.


  5. Hello.      I have been out of touch with the ULC membership for years.   

    I have continued to do my own thing. I prefer one-on-one pastorship.  

    •     Ordained Aug 14, 2004,  I have lost my originial name and membership to the HQ site.     
    •     I have returned to the seminary site and applied for the Chaplaincy program earlier this week.   I haven't heard back anything.
    •     I am disabled, and I do daily Volunteer work for the American Red Cross.     I'm desiring highly to make use of my ULC ordination with their             Disaster spiritual Assistance job title which one must be a Chaplain.