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  1. On ‎4‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 1:34 PM, Dan56 said:


    I must admit that I had never looked at the rules before, I guess I was confident that my extremely polite demeanor would suffice :)... But I just took a look at ;  


    I think for the most part I've abided by the rules, but must admit that I've skirted one section on occasion; Section 6c: Conduct of Posts,   *Further, if any topic or reply is designed to entice a specific negative response, it shall be considered "baiting" and is inappropriate for this forum."


    I shall attempt to refrain from making accusations or conclusions that might solicitate an angry response. Its usually not my intent to incite negativity, but others have pointed out that some of my comments & opinions have been provocative. Not all are deliberately meant to "bait" others, but I can certainly re-phrase things to be less of an annoyance.

    I do that, I only ask questions I know the answer to so I don't get surprised and I get told I bait people into responses they didn't even know they were giving.  I too will do my best at not walking others into my lair.  LOL 

  2. At my age, you learn to laugh at things that don't settle right.  It's much easier to tolerate indifferences and issues that are conflicting to the soul.  Laughter although a sign of humor, can also be a sign of my way of choosing to deal with things which should not be as they are.  If I get upset, then I have allowed others to accomplish what they set out to do, if they didn't mean to upset me, then I laugh at the fact that they are doing something unintentional and aren't even aware of the discomfort they cause.  My peace is much more important than theirs.

  3. Mike, I just recently became ordained and reading this forum has given me a better understanding on how others view this step.  I personally see great value in what you have identified as a calling.  Assisting the families of those who are soon to pass is a great step.  Like you said, sometimes they are the ones that need more help than those who are about to pass.  Whether your calling is spiritual, Christian, or non-denominational, a man of spirit, regardless of its base is always comforting to people who are hurting.  There is a great need for people who comfort and for those who do it with no expectation of anything in return for what they do.  Reading the forum, there is so much judging, I laugh when I read them because I think we should all be as accepting as we expect others to be.  The belief in something or the lack of belief in anything is also a position taken in this universe.  We all take space and we all vacate it in time.  That in itself should speak for who or what we are.  Thank you for your thoughts and hope mine just add a little bit of feeling of someone cares.