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  1. The laws in Italy are pretty strict. An official wedding celebrant must have a special permit by the Ministry of Interior (unless they are priests of a very short and specific list of religions, and the ULC is not part of that list). In Italy, you can have a civil wedding only in the Town Hall premises or on a licenced premise (i.e. the castle mentioned by Rose). Weddings outside these places can ONLY be solemnized by priests/pastors with the permit I mentioned above to be legally valid. It would be great if the ULC would try to make an agreement with the Italian Govt to enable all of us ministers to be able to celebrate legally recognized weddings without need of a special permit by the Ministry of Interior (which BTW is almost impossible to receive) I am a wedding planner + ordained ULC minister + Trainer of wedding Paperwork at the main Wedding University in Italy https://www.associazioneitalianaweddingplanner.it/i-docenti/