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  1. I find that the belief I had as a child was for a child. I grew, learned and things always change as we grow in faith. I am still learning, growing day by day. My belief that God the Father came to earth as Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) will never change. But, all my faith is between God and myself. I do not chose to force my beliefs and my God on anyone. I personally don't think He likes it. I do not judge others. There are those that are condemned already because the Bible says so. But, then that is between them and God. In my ministry I try to help those in need, whether they are a believer or not. I plant the seed. I see a lot of people calming to be Christians that never do anything for others, but like the to clam they are following in Jesus's foot steps. I am not trying to pat myself and my husband on the back, but, show me you take young people in and help them, show me you feed the hungry. They are out there living by threads. We live in a society that don't have time to bring up their children and the minute they start talking back they are just kicked out. I call them throw away kids. I am a intercessory prayer warrior, my faith has changed with time because I am growing in knowledge. I learn new every day. I pray that I never let myself think I know it all. Because I do not. You put up a very interesting post. God Bless