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  1. I have been here, on and off for several years. I have in fact, just gotten back into the ULC. My life has gone through some trials over the last year, and I am glad to be able to post on this forum again. Last September I had my gallbladder removed, a routine operation. In October I was feeling less than 100%. I would work one day, then I would be off for two, then back for two. This went on for the whole month of October. In November I got Sepsis (an infection of major proportions), and if I were 20 years older, I would not be posting this today. I was in and out of the hospital for most of November. On December 15th I was awakened by a terrible pain on my left side at 3:30 am. By 8 am I was back in the hospital with two liver abscesses, edema around my heart and lungs and my legs and feet had swelled up twice their size. I was in the hospital from the 15th of December until New Years Eve! Through out all of this, I prayed, and prayed and prayed. My wife spent her time coming into the hospital every day she could, and some very good Brothers and Sisters in Christ visited me often. I was able to receive Communion thanks to my friends. I have been blessed that I have made it through this ordeal. My wife had stayed with me, and God never left.
  2. Greetings my Sisters and Brothers. I am Chappy Mike. I have been ordained since Feb. 25th of 2004. I live in Iowa, and I am blessed to be here again after a loooooong absence. I am a member of the Christian Motorcyclist Association. I have a love of motorcycles, and the motorcycle community. Why me I currently do not ride, this will be rectified before the summer is over. I hope each one of you had a blessed evening.