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  1. Your father as well as your entire family are in my prayers! JOHN SMITHKEY III RN BSN
  2. Hello Everyone! I joined the Monastery back in 2013. I was happy, but it always felt as something was "missing". Then about a month ago, I was surfing different movies and shows on utube for a research article I was working on. I came to several video lectures presented by Rev. Amy. All I can day was WOW!! She opened my eyes! I had no idea that my membership with the monastery meant nothing. I called the real Universal Life Church the next day. With the help of their staff I, I became a very thrilled and happy member of the real ULC!! I can now earn some real college degrees! I also joined the ULC Seminary! I even submitted some of my own research articles and I hope they will be made available to all ULC members soon! I highly recommend that if anyone has joined the "Monastery", a please check your license, and join the ULC. That Rev. Amy lectures about on utube. You will never regret it. Now I'm a happy and PROUD member of the Universal Life Church!! Have a blessed day! John Smithkey III RN BSN
  3. Hi Sherry. I was just ordained last week. I'm learning how to use this forum and I came upon your post! I noticed that you work with people in crisis, with drug addiction cases. I'm a registered nurse and I too work with these high risk clients. I wrote several articles related to addiction. I even wrote a real interesting paper on medical illness and diabolical possession!! If you would like to read them, let me know.PM me for email addy. Have a blessed day! John Smithkey III RN BSN
  4. HAPPY 55 Years of success! I was just ordained on October 5 the. I just found and signed up for this discussion forum. I'll be participating more as soon as I learn my way around! Have a blessed day everyone!!