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  1. Happy birthday to everyone out

    there hopefully y'all are having a

    good one.


  2. Happy Independence day to everyone out there hopefully y'all will have a good one 🇺🇸

  3. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone 

  4. Happy Mother's day to all

    the Mother's out there

  5. Have a blessed Sunday out there everyone

  6. Hopefully yall have a good weekend out there  

  7. Lord,

    Hear the prayers on this wall today. As those with needs come forth, bless them and 

    give them security and strength in thy spirit. Anoint

    us all with power from Thy holy presence. Bless each member and for whom they 

    will pray for . May the glory be 

    yours as you continue to sanctify us for our daily walk

    in this difficult world.

    In Jesus I pray. Amen


  8. God bless everyone out there 

  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone hopefully everyone will have a good one out there. God bless you