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  1. Thank you so much for your prompt response Amulet!


    I'd basically just like to offer weekly lectures based on ACIM and free spiritual counseling, not really a business but I think if people find that a valuable resource they might want to donate... And I wouldn't know if that would just be income or if it should be reported as something else... Hence my conflict again, if I announce myself as a minister will I then be expected to be a church... Or can I just be a minister who accepts donations based on the free services I provide and count that as income :S


    I guess I could just be a 'content Creator' with a donate button like everyone else on YouTube ?


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  2. Good evening my fellow ministers!


    My name is David, this is my very first post, I'm excited to be here!


    My question relates to forming a church/ministry and I'd appreciate your opinion regarding my situation.


    I'd like to have an online Ministry, I am a student/teacher of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles and my heart and mind keep revolving around my desire to hold a space to disseminate the teachings, that was the main motivation in becoming ordained. However. I'm uncertain as to how to proceed since I feel the best way for me to minister is online, I'm a millennial and I have a bit of an audience on social media, and would like to make weekly video 'services' now the only reason I'd like to form a church or ministry is to have the ability to receive tithes/donations without getting in trouble with the law...


    So my question and issue becomes, what is the best way to proceed? Accept donations and cite them in my personal tax returns? Or form an organization? I don't expect the contributions to be enough to even cover the cost of the website but I just want to do things the right way I'm just uncertain of what the right way is given my circumstances.


    All of your help would be greatly appreciated, thanking you in advance and God bless you.