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  1. As I said, "https://grimoireofmanuelthescribe.blogspot.com/2021/09/if-kirby-j-hensley-was-referred-to-as.html". There is no seeking a following or any such thing - its entire purpose is to awaken the human intellect to an information paradox that resides in the text. All instructions are included - you can choose to do the experiment for yourself (which is best) or follow the directions I give you on my website after you read the blog. That is located at: "https://www.colunga-hernandez.com" And no.., it is gratis. And keep in mind this is only the surface of a very large Black Hole. It starts with Mathematics, doesn't everything?
  2. Hello, My name is Manuel, I have worked now almost 25 years with the Biblical Hebrew text of the Torah and other books in relation to those studies in the Tanach. The reason I am writing this is in reply to this article and its pronouncements. I think I have something that needs to be said: Yes. There is a 'God'. And there is practical repeatable by experiment, proof of that depending on whether a person is given the proper knowledge of how to produce it. The book of Daniel tells of a time when what 'Daniel' (which I hold were a group of the High Priesthood of Israel) hid away by his 'closing the words and sealing the Book' would come to be again known. That something is only left to us in clues, in old Sage writings and Books of what are considered legend; The Zohar in particular the Book of Concealment (Sifra di'Tznu-ita), Sefer Yetzirah, even the Talmud. There are symbols given in these books. Symbolic image sets that speak enigmatically to some deep teaching supposedly. What they really are none can tell you that lives. NOT ONE. Because of the actions to close the words and seal the Book. The Book is not the book of Daniel it is the Chumash, the Five Books of Moses - which are actually one book, when properly exhibited it reveals a running set of images within its corpus. A complete set of the Zodiac, the Tarot, and legends woven in geometries of letter formations that form images. I was hoping to post my paper as an offering to the ULC for my final. It is too big to post, so I can only tell you I have a BLOG that I just posted my Thesis to, if any want to know where to find it feel free to ask. BUT in closing let me say, a book of pictures yes, and more. In my time with the text I have come to find it is actually a log of main events in human history stretching from the past to our day for sure. You might consider me crazy, but consider this: "Thou, o Daniel close up the words, and seal the Book, until the time of the end; when many shall run to and fro, and knowing shall be increased." - note he didn't say who or how only it would be opened in a time when many run to and fro and knowing would be increased. I can tell you from my point of view this is that time; and why I believe it shows a proof is rather simple: Tell me, WHO knew the line of Time in 1500 B.C.E., that ran from the past to our day and could put it encoded into letters in a text that was collated over a period of 65 years or more? Humans may have collated and collected and spoken the stories that were scribed in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy - and they rewrote and edited it all over the place as well - but I can tell you the Mind that put all the information in the text: THAT is not human. So Who was it?