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  1. Curious question.. you have Master Debater under your name. Is that really how you want to be viewed...argumentative? Master Conversationalist I would think would be more enticing. Said in much love. Night. Renee' -- child of the Master. Smile

  2. One of my fav saying is God is On Time All the Time.. I originally got my ordination to assist a friend doing weddings. I love theology and philosophy and in the last few years the Spirit led me to creating a website using the Word "of all faiths" with posts on how to Live and apply the Word to our daily lives. I have received positive response and now am working on getting my site allaboutchoicesjc,com out there more for others to read and share. I am happy to see this forum and hope to create new friends thru this. I am in process of completing the Comparative Religions course now and will