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  1. Thanks Rev. Calli I will be sure to check it out
  2. Does anyone use this organization for reference and materials? Trying to load a windows tablet with useful tools and there seems so few apps to do so with.
  3. Thanks Dan, Happy to be here and apart of the community
  4. ...To God Last year I lost my brother, died of a heart attack. Sudden and exact. I wasn't close to him, but he was my brother and I loved him, I was sorry I wouldn't get to see him again or at least say good bye. I went home to visit my parents, and do a walk through of where he passed. He lived a hermits life, as I walked through the decapitated trailer it wasn't pain and tears that came to me, it was prayers and God. Several months before his death I had a dream, I walked with God, it was vivid, brilliant of light, and amazing with content. It was a dream that unnerved me as I woke up, trying to remember the details as I did. But all I could specifically remember that I had a conversation with God, and it was good. A few weeks after my brother's passing I was reading something online when I saw an add to get ordained as a minister. The first time I saw it, I passed over it, the second time I passed over a different add , I passed over it. On the third time I saw yet another add I had to see what it was a bout. I felt like someone was guiding me in this direction. I had often considered ministry but it was a just a passing thought. Well that was the night I became a minister. I feel like I have been called, but have not yet found my purpose. I think in the coming months that will be revealed. Thanks for reading!