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  1. Rev Linda Hourihan

    Master of Chaplaincy Final Essay

    What have I learned in the Master of Chaplaincy Course? I have learned more about helping other human beings in a wide variety of belief systems on this journey through life. I began my ministry as a chaplain at the local hospital. I wanted to dovetail this particular course with the first-hand experience of doing the mandatory 45 hours of chaplaincy service to become an ordained ULC Chaplain. I found most people in the hospital appreciated my visit, at least as a distraction of what brought them to the hospital in the first place. At first, I just went in the patient’s room, said hi, and asked if they wanted a prayer. Some said yes, some said no. They I left. Then I remembered 85 year old Pastor Bob, who the hospital had me shadow before my fledgling first time visitation by myself. He said he used to carry a Bible, but let that practice go. I see why. I brought my Bible, but found I never used it. Pastor Bob also said he wanted to get back to touching the patient, either by shaking their hand when he came in to the room, or touching their arm or shoulder when he said the prayer. As I write this, I think I will incorporate that. Pastor Bob also showed me the hospital chapel, which is sometimes used on Sundays by other priests or ministers so they can offer a Sunday service. I can see this as a place where I can hold services, or even a Bible Study. The chapel Pastor Bob showed me was beautiful, with a stained glass window with a cross on it. But the person who I signed up with to volunteer was Jewish. She didn’t like the Christian symbol, so the hospital created a different chapel, which is still under construction. As I got less and less scared, yes I was scared to do something new, I became more comfortable with greeting the patients. Now instead of suddenly appearing in their rooms, saying a five second prayer and dashing out to the next patient, I come in with a big smile and a big wave of my hand saying I am spreading cheer. This makes them relax and usually they smile back. I talk with them, asking how long they have been there and when they think they get to go home, so they can think of moments past what brought them to the hospital. Then I ask if they would like a prayer, most say yes, some say no. But I leave them with a big smile and wishing them to feel better. Two instances stand out in my mind. One was two days ago when I went. The first patient was so talkative, so I just let her talk, looked directly in her eyes, and affirmed and nodded to let her know I was listening. She shared one terrible experience after another, ending with a life shattering personal experience, causing her to tear up. At the end of 90 minutes, she told me she had prayed in the morning for a sign. I only showed by at 3 p.m. for my schedule. She said I was an answer to her prayer, and that she felt comforted and listened to. The other experience was the previous time I did the chaplaincy ministry in the hospital. One gentleman I spoke with, at the end of my short visit, told me he was waiting to go to heaven, that there was no hope. I said a prayer there for him, but I left, wishing I had stayed and said more to comfort him. I feel I need to get better at that part. I felt the tug to stay, but no words came to me. I got the indication that he was Catholic, from his saying he was going to heaven. I used to be Catholic, so I could have said more to ease his mind. Another time, I was called by the Emergency Room, since the family was asking for a minister to come to pray for their dying daughter, and to pray with them too. But I live 20 minutes away and wouldn’t get there in time. I found myself feeling relieved when they said they got another minister who could get there quicker. I know we ULC ministers can do funerals as well as weddings. But I need to learn more, as a chaplain, how to assist those near death, without having my heart in my throat, to better assist the one passing over, as well as helping the family find a sense of peace. I find this has to do with my insane ego. Moments like I have been sharing are not about me. Yet it is me who is responding, or not responding in the best way possible. I think this also has a lot to do with my own faith journey. I have been deeply assessing various beliefs, and continuing to study the Nag Hammadi scriptures. Not everyone believes in them. I want to be cognizant and sensitive to others, especially at moments like this, when so many people have differing belief systems about the afterlife. It is one thing for me to have my own beliefs. It is quite another to help others at these tender moments, without causing them further grief by me saying the wrong words. I think the solution to this problem is to continue studying the remaining six courses required in this Master of Chaplaincy course. In a way, I feel like I have jumped into the deep end of the swimming pool, and a bit over my head. But I also feel that is how I learn best, by jumping right in. I am sure the remaining courses will round out these rough edges I am feeling. I will keep ministering as a chaplain at the hospital at the same time I am continuing with my education in the seminary. One idea I came up with, was to have prayers written out ahead of time, that I could leave with patients who were interested in receiving them. I had Christian prayers, and prayers for Jewish patients, and other prayers for pagans with more of a nature theme. I think from now on, I will leave my ULC ministry business card I had made up from, with a note saying I came by to visit them, for the patients who are sleeping. When they wake up, they will then know someone other than their doctors, nurses and family came by to visit with them. This course was fantastic and prepared me well. I like the idea of meeting with other ministers in the area. Pastor Bob said ministers in the area got together once a week over breakfast to share their ministries. I need to get back in touch with Pastor Bob, who I can also use as a mentor, one of the suggestions in this course, so I can find out if the other ministers are still meeting together once a week. When I first retired to my new address, I spent many months visiting other churches in the area, to see what they were teaching. I even spent three years with Jehovah’s Witnesses to see what they taught. However, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are not interested in meeting with anyone who does not believe exactly what they believe. I might be able to get back in touch with the other ministers in the area, especially Pastor Bob, if he is still around. One of the reasons I took this class was so that if I needed an income later in life, I would have it to fall back on. But I find that it is something I would like to continue, in my journey as a Christian minister. I can use my ULC ministry in a meaningful way, and have a brand new chapel to use. Again, I find I need to walk through the fear of doing something I have never done before. But history teaches me that courage is having fear, but doing what you need to do anyway. That is exactly what I am going to do.
  2. Rev. Linda Hourihan, thank you very much for your kind sermons.  They are filled with profound spiritual value.  Your words have the power to lift us from the difficulties of our daily battles.  Do not stop sending us those sermons of Joy, Life, and Love.

    Hermano Luis

  3. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    I do believe in Christ, Jesus Christ, but there is so much more to Jesus than the Bible teaches. I am still investigating this. I think all Christians need to know all of what Jesus said and taught, not just part of it. I also need to know more about gnostic teachings, and other teachings, which I plan on taking as part of my Chaplaincy program. Until I come to understand this information differently, I am a Christian, and calling myself a Christian. I need more than someone else's opinion on this matter to change my mind. However, I am looking much more closely on these points, at least coming to understand them better, even if I do not agree with them.
  4. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    I AM aligning and embracing Light shifts which is allowing me to embrace my divinity. I Am alive. I AM breathing. I AM divine. I AM aligning to God, not the god you think of as the creator god of this system of things, which is where you trip on, thinking that is my god. That god is vile. I AM aligning to the first, pure, love energy God, Father/Mother of Jesus, who is not the creator of humans. My intent in my recognitions is pure. You certainly do not need to know or believe what I say. I AM only expressing this because you incorrectly assume - in your trying to correct or suggest corrections to me by your questions. I AM simply wishing to clarify my belief in your understanding, which you incorrectly write about, or misinterpret what I say. Or perhaps I do not write it out clearly enough. Perhaps that is also because my understanding is mutable as enlightenment come to be, sometimes by leaps and bounds.
  5. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    I do not deny anyone any god they chose to follow. You are making incorrect leaps of assumptions on what I believe. I do not know whether I am a "Universalist" or not. I choose to believe "Universal" Life Church stands "Universal" as in common to everyone. What is Universal with the church we both belong to if the freedom to believe what we believe, without indoctrinating the other. I believe Jesus came to show us there is more beyond the limiting beliefs they understood back in his day. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is inside and outside us. I believe that. There is more to this and I AM exploring that. It is mutable as I come to understand more. You seem to think because I said I am "Christian" that I believe in an archaic system. That is not true. The rain falls on all of us, no matter what our understanding is.
  6. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    You seem stuck on the morality of a god you do not like. I do not share the morality of a murderous god, that you think I do.
  7. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    Yes, and I respect this in your belief system. I have written many times, for people not to get caught up in semantics. I have taught that there are not hundreds of different worlds, one for each different faith. There is one world. There is one race of people, the human race. There is one origin of all of it, no matter what our belief system is. I understand what I do through my faith journey, you yours, and everyone else is enlightened (or not) by their spiritual, or life journey. I refer to this as the Diamond of God. Each of us has a different facet to shine in our corner of the world. Namaste my friend.
  8. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Atheist Evangalist

    An interesting note on Christmas, the fact is, Christmas is not a Christian holiday. We forget. In the Babylonian days, the first feast of Saturnalia began at the hands of Nimrod and Ishtar (pronounced "Easter"). It is Nimrod who chooses December 17, (the Gregorian calendar not used then, but they did go by the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the Sun) Saturnalia celebrated the god of sowing and harvest. Nimrod also is the originator of the god Mithra (Mithras), the god of the sun. Guess what that feast day is. You guessed it, December 25 (again going by the Winter Solstice). It was the Babylonian culture, once these two holidays were established, to have a wild party, anything goes, week long party, from December 17-25. Work was set aside for this whole week, and all kinds of lawless revelry took place. The Book of Jeremiah (chapter 13, I think) tells of evergreen trees being nailed up so it wouldn't fall over, since it was decorated with silver and gold ornaments. Those little baby "Oscilla," that we now use as Christmas ornaments are a remnant of the "children who were made to walk through the fire," again ordered my Nimrod. Recent history shows that piles of baby and children's skulls and bones were found at certain sites in the former Babylonian grounds, which confirm this horrible institution attributed to Nimrod. Old World Encyclopedias confirm this horrible account. The horrid practice of "having the children walk through the fire," being burned alive, was for the sole purpose of thinking that the parents would become enlightened. This is also were the ridiculous notion of purgatory comes from. The belief in purgatory is often mistakenly attributed to Catholicism. But that is not true. Purgatory comes from this practice of "purging," as if human sacrifice would appease any God (god). In Solon, Ohio there was a court case when manger scenes were removed from schools and the town, saying that Christmas was a religious holiday, and some did not want religion on town property, the separation of church and state. They lost the case. It was ruled that Christmas is not a religious holiday, because it transcended any religion, and belonged to everyone. I think the sacrilege here is putting the birth of Jesus on a non-Christian, horrific holiday, as if there is such a thing as "Christianizing," child murder. By the way, if the parents did not go along with having their children "walk through the fire," then the parents were murdered outright. Either sway, human blood got spilled. Santa Claus is another fable, based on the Norse god Odin (Woden). The real person of St. Nicholas who served as a bishop, actually was in attendance at the Council of Nice in 325 AD long after the birth of Jesus. The first Christian martyr for Jesus was Stephen. Catholics celebrate his feast day on December 26. Why was Stephen stoned? (Paul was present at the stoning death of Stephen). It was because Stephen preached against the Saturnalia human traditions. But there was so much revelry and partying, that they all stoned him to silence him. Can you imagine the upheaval that would take place today if we started telling people not to celebrate Christmas because they would be honoring the god Mithras, not the birth of Jesus? If Christians really want to celebrate Jesus birthday, then they should celebrate it in either September or October, when it really was. Don't forget, the first census ever held in an organized way was held during the birth of Jesus. The census would not have taken place in the snow and ice in December, nor would the shepherds be out in the fields with the sheep in the winter. The practice was for the shepherds to be out of the fields before the heavy rains came, usually late October, November. Back in the time of Jesus, birthdays were not celebrated. They celebrated people, and all that they did, at their deaths. The only birthdays mentioned in the traditional Bible, is when John the Baptist gets beheaded on Herod's birthday, and in the OT when a baker gets beheaded at pharaoh's birthday. Those are the only recorded birthdays in the Bible. I just spent a year studying all this for my fiction book, Mystery of the Sturbridge Keys, to be published in 6-8 weeks. It also goes into all the Old World Empires, which trace back to Noah's sons, grandsons and great-grandsons. I'll keep you posted.
  9. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    You too Brother Kaman ~ I do not live in denial of my divinity. I willingly work with Mother/Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. We are a very happy family. I am following what Jesus told us to do, in all the scriptures I can find, including the Nag Hammadi scriptures. I feel it is very important I shine a light on all that Jesus said. Have a beautiful day.
  10. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    I'm chuckling over here. I am much more curious than the need to be "right." I happen to be a Christian. I do not need to be right. I am truly on a search for understanding and truth where ever it leads. I think of it this way: say I am making a cake. I use flour, eggs, other stuff, and to make it rise I use baking soda. In the end I have a cake, not simply baking soda. I am thinking of God, of Holy Spirit more accurately in this example, as the active ingredient, like baking soda, that makes the cake rise. You say your cells do not think they are you. This would be like saying the baking soda does not believe it is part of the cake. The point is you, or me doing the thinking here. It is our awareness that matters here, not the cake or the individual "ingredients" in each of us that are aware. In my body, I have my eyes, which give me vision. I have my legs, with which I travel. In the end I am not eyes, vision, legs, nor travel. I am animated by God in my physical body, but only while I am living, but I am not God. If I were God, I would not have me die. I would stay living physically because God is eternal. I know, the spirit lives. If I really were God, I would not I let my body die. I die physically because I am not God. Above, those are all components of "the cake" or "me." I am not just one of my components. I do believe that by my free will I can raise my heart, mind, voice and actions to invite Mother/Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus into me, and work through me, together with me. When I connect to and work with my God-given awareness and power, I can move mountains, just like Jesus did. I can see this in the life I've lived. I also see it in the four people I have spoken with who have had near-death experiences. They came from different states in the USA and did not know each other. Yet, all told me the same things after they had been pronounced dead, then were revived. Again, if they were God, this would not have been such a shock to them. They were not communicating with themselves, nor by themselves, but were talking with "others" on the other side. Obviously all four came back to life, and were able to share their experiences with me. I do think it is important to follow what Jesus says, all of it, not just what is in the traditional Bible. That's why I think it is very important to study the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, to find out more about what Jesus said. I think this is extremely important, at least for me it is. Have a beautiful day! RL
  11. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    Interesting. While I feel Gods is residing within me, and without me, and I feel God's I AM Presence, I do not feel, think or believe that I am God, Creator of the world and everything else. I find this confusing. I want to understand, but it doesn't seem to be happening for me. I can understand that myself,as a creation of God, that God chooses to reside within and with out me, and God does in others, nature and the universe of universes. I do not remember creating the earth, the stars, you or me. Saying you, me or anyone else is God, seems like a misunderstanding. Do you see God residing in murderers and terrorists, because they have red blood cells? Again, is this Gnostic Christianity?
  12. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Soul - Friend

    I know Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is inside me and outside me. I also know I am made of the stuff of the stars, a manifestation of the Big bang or God inspired participles, all of God, to my way of thinking. I also know the I AM Presence, this God Presence is inside me. But I trip on the concept that I AM GOD. I did not make you, that I remember (not being flip here - just processing). I think of human creation, that we did not come alive until breath of God - Spirit - (animated life) breathed into us. When we die, our breath - spirit - life, goes back to God, reuniting to the One (God - energy). I think of God as energy. So many people get stuck in semantics. Words are so limiting. I prefer to think of it as I (and everyone and everything else) is made of and including our God particle. Then again, we are the only human vessel that God (pure energy) has to experience dense matter - human life, here on earth.
  13. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Atheist Evangalist

    We might have completely differing beliefs, but all of us are animated by love and life and spirit, like Namaste, "The divine in me recognizes the divine in you," because we are all living human beings. Don't get stuck in semantics. We might use different words for my terminology. Others might say, "The energy in me recognizes the energy in you."
  14. Rev Linda Hourihan

    The Atheist Evangalist

    This has been an interesting read, and I am late to the game. What is missing here, it seems to me, is free will. I went to a very metaphysical, multidimensional, holistic health school. I was in the same class with "born agains," Catholics, Jews, agnostics and atheists. I had spent all my life in progressive and fundamental religions, supposedly based on Christian Love. I, by the way, am a Christian. However, I experienced the most love, the most love without conditions I have ever experienced by this group of non-judgmental fellow students. I don't think the problem lies in many different people having many different belief systems. I think the problem lies with projecting, unasked for preaching, one way or another, as if to indoctrinate the listener. If someone feels the need to share their personal belief, they at least should ask the other person or people, if they would like to hear what he/she has to say. People ought to have free will to speak, and free will to listen or consider points. Another problem is, and has always been pride. When we have whatever opinion we come up with as our own, we can be rudely offensive as if we have all the answers, and others don't. Maybe I'm speaking from my own past mistakes. If I had not changed my mind on ideas and concepts I never thought I would, I would not be saying this. But people only know, what they know, when they know it, of course, but that matters. I know, this is all judgment, and that's a judgment too. Peace, RL
  15. Hello ~ I retired from my bodywork business for 12 years. Wonderful work! Nice to meet you here. I joined the ULC in 2004 while I was a therapist. I added another dimension to the work.

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