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  1. Hello Umbraedeus

    That makes sense.  Usually after a feeding, abilities are heightened.  From what I have heard and dealt with, sexual energy is one of the best and one that's created in abundace.  So astral travel and projection come easy for you?  The vampire community isn't very consistent in and of itself.  I am glad you found a place to belong.  Can you see or feel energy? I can almost always, as well as auras.  Fine tuning still, but now with more knowledge and drive.  If you have questions about things feel free to ask me.  I know a fairly decent amount.  



  2. Good morning,

    I am unsure of where and how to start.  I mean doing weddings or hospital work.  I am just not sure how to get my first few steps going with my ordination.  Almost like getting my name out there.  I was thinking Facebook but that only reaches some, not everyone one there is looking to get married.  Can i just go to a wedding show, and hand out business cards, and even at that what type of cards does everyone use?   I am at huge crossroads and am not sure of the best directions.  

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  3. Brother Kaman - What is AMORC?

    Higher self, I think it would come down to Belief systems, God or Goddess (sp?), reincarnation doesn't point to ones higher self I think.  It might point to things unfinished or lessons unlearned in the previous life times.  A higher self might point to just a form of single enlightenment of clarity.  An awakening of sorts.

    A guardian being (creature or energy) is usually used for guidance or guarding.  It should be found or discovered if you believe in animals that do that thing, mostly shamans, spirit animals.  If its an energy type of thing it can be created and manipulated to certain types of things and actions.