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  1. Aside from conducting wedding ceremonies, are there other services you conduct as a Minister? What's the various things that are possible with Ministry? I read somewhere that in some states Ministers still need a letter of Recommendation, so I know some of you provide that recommendation to other Ministers. But what else? What's the scope of potential activities a Minister can be involved in: both ceremonial and administrative?

  2. 11 hours ago, Pete said:

    Chart that if you can. 

    I sense discomfort in your opening statement and this final one. I'm not trying to put anyone in a box. I invited others to put themselves in a box if they so desire for simply the sake of us finding common grounds with each-other (if any) and for fun. I got that sentiment sadly, from Jonathan that is inferring I am attempting to label others when clearly I've only been attempting to label myself (and invited other to label me and invited others to label themselves if they so desire). Anyone who does not wish to participate in a thread I make, feel free to ignore it. 

  3. On 3/8/2016 at 1:45 AM, Jonathan H. B. Lobl said:


    Behind the details of technique; what is this urge to chart and graph and define everything?  Your goal is not to be "useful."  You made that clear.  What then?  

    What do you mean by I made it clear that my goal was not to be useful? I was saying what's useful to me may not be useful to you AND I do think it's useful. :)

    I'm also not sure what you mean by 'urge' to chart, graph and define 'everything'? I was not aware my urges were being analyzed. :lol: I'm sure I've not tried to chart, graph and define everything; neither in general and certainly not here. -_-


  4. 19 hours ago, Gruffydd y Dryw said:

    Reminds me of the lyrics to the Monkees' song "Daily Nightly" (written by Mike Nesmith):

    "Darkened rolling figures move through prisms of no color,
    Hand in hand, they walk the night, but never know each other,
    Passioned pastel neon lights, light up the jeweled traveler
    Who, lost in scenes of smoke filled dreams find questions, but no answers."



  5. 18 hours ago, Jonathan H. B. Lobl said:

    I prefer what Stephen Hawking has to say about the origin of the Universe than Genesis.

    I deeply respect Stephen Hawking but I'm vigilant. I definitely hear him out though. He is brilliant. However, he has been proven wrong about many things he's said about the universe. He has been wrong about black holes, and predicted we'd never encounter anything Higgs-like, even the big bang (and all related theory) might be valid math but could still prove unsound crap. He's almost as famous for losing bets as he is for making them. :( He also warns us to be afraid of aliens, and while declaring there is no god; neither presenting his evidence for the existence of aliens (which I don't disagree with but his maths on this were never published that I'm aware of) nor calculates for the premise that in the majority of cases, god(s)=aliens by very definition -_- The god of all Abrahamic religions would most certainly qualify as an extraterrestrial being. :unsure: Or even a more advanced and evolved humanoid from our distant future who went back in time? His view sounds a lot like Genesis and I don't think anyone realizes it, with beginnings and aliens, and of upcoming extinction events, and so on. :blink: Why is he always warning us? Watch out for hostile beings! Escape the planet! :wacko: I love and respect Hawking but it seems his anti-theism is more than mere atheism. It crosses me that he seeks to prove a god is not needed for things to come about, but still thinks in biblical cosmology. And even the notion of a god particle annoys him. The concept, the word, the idea offends him. Would he become irate if he saw a cross hanging on a wall? He's always debating this non-god's non-existence when nobody really is looking for him to do anything but physics. Carl Jung would have interesting things to say about that. I adore Hawking. Seriously seriously seriously. None of this is to discredit him as a contributor to physics and M Theory. But alas, I am vigilant. :(

  6. With all respect, useful is a term subjective to our own reasoning however.
    You could have 5 uses for a hammer, I could have 3 or 207, another person could see no use at all for a hammer. :blink:

    I'm not saying that "from one's relationship or definition of god, we can gain insight to their relationship or definition of government."  (or vice versa)
    ^^^^ That's not what I am saying. :!:

    Can a school determine how a child behaves toward their parents based on a test taken on a teacher-student relationship, no.

    I think perhaps you misunderstood or perhaps my vagueness allowed space to infer I meant something like that. :wacko:


    I am saying the first chart reminds me of the second because the two share:

    • Graphing on a coordinate system vs. side by side comparison only
    • An axis describing SELF=SUBJECT, OTHER=External Force
    • An Axis describing Certainty, Uncertainty

    Certainty Principal:

    1. Conservative or Liberal to the belief in god(s)
    2. Conservative or Liberal to a belief in "freedom for all"

    [While some may posit that god need not be greater, it's also probable there are others who took the political test that perceive their government to be a benevolent created force by the people for the people; while others perceive the government as a malevolent force against the people with an agenda of its own. The belief of the qualities of the government is not addressed here and ones own beliefs about the government may influence their own opinion of the government and thence influence their relationship to the government.]

    Digressing ... 

    What I'm saying is that we can "map" subject-object relationships in this format (on a graph) to understand and communicate our ideals regarding anything.

    As a consequence, we can identify how closely we share the specific ideals we mapped.

    In this case, yourself and Diana both identify as Agnostic Atheist.

    In the case of the religious chart, we just chose where we fit: 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, or 2-B.

    In the other test, where we fit is determined by test.

    We chose religious philosophy based on YES/NO of two qualities: Certainty and Belief and placed them on a 2x2 chart.

    The Political Chart is 20 x 20 graphing: Statism to Libertarianism, and Liberalism to Conservativism.
    (These are qualified by a multi-question Q&A on the site the graph was found.) 

    For the sake of explaining usefulness, another test could be created like this:

    On a scale from 1 to 5, how much do you enjoy being controlled by your employer?
    1 indicates you preference self-control and that your employer trust your self-guidance.
    5 indicates you preference employer-control and that you trust your employer to guide you.

    On a scale from A to E, how is accountability shared in the workplace?
    A indicates you preference everyone holds peers accountable and you depend on being held accountable.
    E indicates you preference everyone is self-accountable and you depend on everyone (including you) holding themselves accountable.

    Placing these values on the two axis', we can form a field on which we can graph the coordinates of of all job applicants.
    I may be at 1-C, you may be at 5-B, etc.
    And employer can use these scales to only hire those of us who apply and fall in 5-C.

    Or a teacher, knowing themselves to be more of a 5 type of teacher (guiding and demanding obedience) can estimate possible "difficulty" with blind obedience from students who fall in the 1 range.

    I was also saying that I like this format better than side by side analysis.

    Here is a test for politics that uses a graph:

    And example of a side-by-side test would be:

    Note in the side by side type test, possibility isn't a field; it's particular. In side by side, while the possibility of a whole graph (for all qualities being determined) exists; here's only certain places we are allowed to fall on a side by side test. It's why I like the field version more.

    As far as extrapolation; technically, we could make 1 superduper test that incorporates all possible sources and forms of force and get an average of how we relate to force in general. Our rebel quotient if you will :lol:

    However, our averages could be similar in general, but different per source of force.

    Breaking a big chart up into separate charts, we get a more accurate picture of each subject-object relationship within the subject-object relationship matrix of us to the everything else.^_^


  7. 43 minutes ago, Jonathan H. B. Lobl said:

    By the nature of things, neither Agnostics nor Atheists tend to be big on spiritual authority.  This does not translate into ideas on government authority.

    Understandably, the subject-object relationship shifts depending on the subject and object. I don't mind a bossy kickboxing coach but I don't care for bossy employers. Looking again, my first comparison was hinging on the certainty principal, but if we spin the religious chart 90 degrees to the right to hinge it on the belief principal, perhaps the similar concepts between charts will be more apparent.

  8. I like this chart a lot more than the comparative side by side style. This chart reminds me a lot of the political chart I once saw on a Green-Party forum. Have you ever seen this?

    The top represents government authority, the bottom personal authority, the left is for a unregulated society and the right is for regulated society. The left and right would be flipped in comparison however (since the religious chart would be atheists on the left, and theists on the right)

    left right authoritarian libertarian.png

  9. Sharing this article:

    The Race to Prove Spooky Quantum Connection May Have a Winner


    "Einstein called it “spooky.” To his dying day, he refused to believe that nature could be so unreasonable. "



    " It’s a shame that Einstein didn’t live long enough to learn about this," says Christoph Simon, a theoretical quantum physicist at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. "The universe is not as reasonable as he wanted it to be."

    What do you think about what Science is proving about the nature of Nature?

    The modern approach to matters of ontology, religious philosophy and similar subjects often addresses these topics with reason and realism. But where do we go when the very nature of Nature and Reality is proven to challenge the very applicability of human reason and classical realism?



    1 hour ago, Jonathan H. B. Lobl said:

    Are you signing in on Tribal as Sister Salome?  I'm only a member.  If you like, I can ask the administrator to look into it.  My guess is that your application needs more time.  It's only a guess.

    Yes, I did signup with the same username. I'm guessing that an Admin has to manually approve my membership. I can't even contact them or use the form without being approved. Very weird set up. But the forum seems active so I hope they activate me. If you could shoot an admin a message next time you stop over there, that would be awesome yes :D.



    1 hour ago, Jonathan H. B. Lobl said:

    Everything?   I also have membership in an Agnostic Church.  It is Agnostic rather than interfaith like ULC.  I doubt it is what you are looking for.  Still, if you really mean "everything," let me know.     :D 

    I also have an Atheist Church group.  Not much life in it, but if you really mean "everything" ............

    There are a few here who identify as Agnostic.  This might be a better place for you to explore Agnosticism, if that's what you want.

    What's an Agnostic Church? Can you tell me about it? What I mean was I already signed up to the forums here and at the Seminary. I was previously signed up at the Monastary sites and other sites before ordination, just doing research, so I'm on there too. I followed all the social media and so on. Most social media is abandoned it seems, and most forums only have occasional threads. I feel like I'm flooding here. Comparatively, if I made several posts on other topical forums I'm on; they'd be lost in the sauce. LOL

    I can't identify with Atheism. I am more of an Agnostic Gnostic HAHA.. Optimistic agnostic? Quantum Metaphysicist? I wish there was a modern movement like the old Fysiks group. But indeed tell me about the Agnostic Church thing. 

  11. 14 minutes ago, Jonathan H. B. Lobl said:

    I'm active on ULC-Tribal.  By all means, join me.     :D


    I activated but when I go there I get this:


    SisterSalome, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
  12. 7 hours ago, Gruffydd y Dryw said:

    Hi SisterSalome ,

    Some people are involved with other groups in addition to the ULC. I am a member of the The Druid Network and The Order of the Yew, so there are times when I may post there but not have time to post here too. I also work 40+ hours a week, and I might go a few days without posting. Sometimes I don't get involved in discussions because I don't feel as if I have a "dog in the fight." Many discussions are regarding Judeo-Christian themes and are not relevant to my religion since I am a Pagan. It's not that I feel uncomfortable or unwelcome to post on Christian topics. If I have something to add I will chime in. And of course there are those ministers who become ordained as a lark, or for the purpose of performing a particular wedding ceremony and then lose interest. Another factor could be fear of negative reactions. I am out as a Druid and Celtic Pagan at work and home, but others may not feel comfortable openly expressing their religious beliefs. Then there are also times when I am delayed in posting because I'm catching up with Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries :D

    Bendithion (Blessings),

    Gruffydd y Dryw /|\

    Can you tell me about druidism?
    What's the druid network?