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  1. Mods, please move this, if needed. Looking through the various topics, I went into the Legal, and the part on 501c3. While what is there is posted as true, for it's part, it's not the entire story, as my understanding from various other sources state: Annual Exempt Organization Information Returns Every organization exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code section 501(a) must file an annual information return except: A church, an interchurch organization of local units of a church, a convention or association of churches, An integrated auxiliary of a church, A church-affiliat
  2. Like some, mine started from a bit of directionlessness, and tragedy. A few years ago, I was driving in the Washington mountains, just shy of 50 miles of the Canadian border. I was working on a ranch, in the lumber yard. I'd had a bad day, working on a Saturday [that could have been a prob, in and of itself, having recently been with 7th Day groups]. I was mad with the OT I'd to do, and wanted to get to the next small town, 69 miles to the southeast. Anger, while driving in the mountains, when years past, I'd never really been in the mountains, was a very bad thing. I hit the gurad rail, smash
  3. BTW, *I* will NEVER get a 501c3. It's not required, for a church to be tax exempt, nor is it required for a church to receive deductions for tax writie-offs. Just one source:

  4. Coming over from Hoping this will be more active, and I can get better, and more relevant answers, here.