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  1. My Dear 20 Million Brothers and Sisters, I and many other ULC ministers like me live in a country that possesses no Bill Of Rights. In fact, it is the only Westernised Country in the world that does not have one. That country is Australia. America for example, has: "The Bill of Rights is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution." (source: Wikipedia)". Freedom is precious and the freedom of my speech is not protected here." I am a ULC Minister, unjustly accused a year ago of a crime I did not commit. I won't go into details here. (This is not the place.) Although witnesses were present and disagree with the "victim", My word as a ULC Minister it seems means nothing in Australia. Because of this, I have been unable to perform my Ministerial duties to those in need of them and my health is failing although my love for God will never wane. I believe we exist to help those who need it and I ask for your prayers for the strength to face whatever may come soon.BUT:I am, like my other Brothers and Sisters in the Ministry passionate about my beliefs and when I go into court, I will wear my ULC Clergy tag and my crucifix with the Lord pinned to it around my neck. I have been told NOT to wear it! I would rather go to prison for refusing to take my faith off! I feel humbled to have 20 million brothers and sisters in my family. When you feel you have a moment, please send a short prayer to me to give me the strength and health to face my coming ordeal. Please forgive me, I hope I haven't offended anyone and I sincerely hope I have complied with ULC moderator parameters. Go with God.