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  1. All is good. My philosophy is that if life or limb is in jeopardy defensive action should be taken. Or, as you put it, "gossip" worthy events... well, those can remain in the shadows. Whatever hurt or heartbreak may come will inspire spiritual growth. Still, my situation doesn't quite fall in either category but I have enough feedback to know I'm doing the right thing. Blessings to all.
  2. Again, great information. Thank you both for your thoughts and insightful advice. It is as I imagined, but I was just looking for another point of view -- although there isn't one. Thanks so much for the forum support.
  3. Great info. The matter of my concern is not quite as serious, exciting or juicy as the examples you cite. But I will keep all for reference. If the matter disclosed to you becomes public information at a later time, then I take it, it still was in confidence and although now public knowledge it should not be disclosed that you already knew it [days, weeks, months or years] prior to public disclosure. Is this also the case?
  4. When someone tells you something in confidence does it remain protected after their death? I've looked at various sites but it was not specifically addressed. Any advice/info is appreciated.