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    I love the outdoors and just getting into nature.
    Hiking and camping are my most favorite things to do.
    I love looking at the night time stars.
    Studying all religions.
    My favorite pets are cats.
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    Universal Life Church, Independent

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    Self employed

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  1. Oh cool, I do have the Wedding Words disc and will check that out tonight. Thanks again,
  2. This is an interesting topic. I received my packet back in 2005 and I don't think t got the Universal Life Church agreement with mine. Since I am soon going to start a congregation and I would like to be affiliated with headquarters in Modesto. What should I do to get the agreement?
  3. Welcome to our growing family of friends here on the forum. We're glad you could joins us! As you feel the need, join us in the discussions and let us know a bit about yourself. It's always a pleasure getting to know new folks. Blessings of Peace, Al