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  1. I recently applied for ordination. It seems I may have the chance to perform a wedding within the next year and I was curious whether I could do so legally, and it be recognized beyond just the agreement between the couple and myself. As an autodidactic learner, religion and spirituality have been subjects that I've been continually studying and drawn to throughout my life. The statement of belief as listed on the ULC site is as close to my personal beliefs as I've ever found. I have found similarities and comfort in my studies of Judaism, Christianity (and all its denominations), Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as the primal-indigenous and earth centered spiritual beliefs. There are a few questions as a new ordinate, as I'm sure are expected. 1. Which Facebook site is legitimate and would offer the most support and guidance? 2. Is there anyone else in this forum who may have experience with New York state and its requirements? 3. Is it recommended to be involved with a local (brick-n-mortar) congregation, church? I live in a very rural area of upstate New York, the town I reside in as less than 500 people. There are 4 churches in the local area, but as you can imagine they are within the top tier of Christian congregations. Although I believe that Jesus Christ may have existed and if so, was an incredible teacher and leader, but I do not hold to the truth that he was both man and G-d. Thanks in advance. Eileen