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  1. I'm trying to find way back to a Patriot video to offer a Army friend. It started with a girl crying and celebrated the American solider, saw it months ago at a friends hom in this forum. Any gay men operating on this level here to be contacted? I'm going to be hospitalized for Derasination Therapy, a necessity for exposure to too much faster then light experience and exposure to high energy envelopes. See Jack Parsons, J.P.L. son's medical history.
  2. Welcome to our family of friends. We're glad you could joins us! Regardless if you are well established in a traditional religious path or struggling to find something less mainstream, we're sure you'll find what you seek here. We are a “blended family” of all Beliefs, all Faiths and all manners of seeking Truth. We hope you'll share your views with us soon! Blessings of Peace, Al