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  1. Seven traditional holidays for Satanists. The Birthday Spring Equinox, 21st March Walpurgisnacht, 30th April Summer Solstice, 22nd June Autumn Equinox, 21st September Samhain, 31st October Winter Solstice, 22nd December
  2. Because there is no Abrahamic heaven that's what I think
  3. As for as my concern I take my ordination very seriously for my own purpose because the ULC have the material to do a marriage or funeral.I will try to get people if they want a symbolic satanic funeral or marriage or advisement just as a service in the Netherlands or anywhere else at least find the wright people to preform symbolic Satanic services as needed and also give LaVeyan Satanists the support they needed.
  4. "Mankind's Greatest Achievement"? ‚ÄčMaybe the evolution of the mind=free thinking,individualism (not thinking in a box)
  5. All depends on what kind of love you mean but to me love at first is an energy and then an emotion.
  6. It is easy for me I just wear a black cloak for any ritual (weddings,funerals,etc)
  7. We the Chapel and I are to preform Modern/Satanic weddings and funerals or support mentally where needed.There are a little or no Satanic ministers.
  8. My Ordination is about the possibility to help Modern/LaVeyan Satanists with their marriage,funeral and other support they need .And "Do That Which Is Right" Ave Satanas!