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  1. I was raised a Lutheran so there wasn't much to surprise me about the Bible anymore because I have read it several times. I came to the conclusion that I didn't agree with the Old Testament at all, found Revelations to be incoherent and useless since God commanded that we wouldn't know the hour of His coming, and I think that we are at a New Reformation of Christianity. [Especially these last 5 words]

    We need to rethink what it means to be a Christian, to accept the Bible as a living and changing document, since it has been changed so much since Christ's death and resurrection. I would take out the Old Testament, remove Revelations and preach simply:

    [. . . ]

    I have decided to go my own way, to create a new Bible out of the old, to create new traditions and to carry them out in a loving and thoughtful way, the way Christ intended as I believe Him to be. I am hoping others will join me in my endeavors.

    You sound like you are also trying to be what I am thinking of becoming: a radical heretic! In the literal, "by the book" sense: There are a few definitions of "Radical" according to the site, specifically the origin, (Latin radix or 'root'), the first definition "(especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough: a radical [no mention of violent] overhaul of the existing regulatory framework;" and the fourth definition: "[uSUALLY AS EXCLAMATION] North American informal very good; excellent: Okay, then. Seven o’clock. Radical!". Heretical, according to the OED site, comes from the Greek "hairesis" or 'choice'. The BlueLetterBible site's description for haireo, (Strongs #g136) includes the following important point: "[. . .] Its special significance is to select rather by the act of taking, than by showing preference or favor." So a "radical" is roughly one who addresses the foundational aspects "heretic" is one who makes an actual, physical - not merely mental/preferential choice!)

    When I think about it, Christians insisting on "*Choose* ye this day...." and "God gives us free will [choice]", yet insists on 'MY way or god's highway - to hell!' pretty much makes your point. Christianity today is too hypercritical. All Paul wrote metaphorically about the bickering and superiority/inferiority complexes between organs and body parts, (eye v. ear, arm v. leg, etc.), Christs' instruction on evangelism protocol, (share the message, but if it's not accepted, wipe the dust off your feet and move on -- a far cry from historical/traditional Christianity's seize, imprison, torture, and kill those who *choose* to not join), and the idea of an individual judgment all speak of the essential Biblical teaching that we are to decide [Choose] for ourselves which way we will go.

    And I agree that Revelation is too symbolic to be a map/chart of a road to the future, certainly not *THE* reference guide on the matter

  2. Greetings all!

    I became a minister in part to try to work out my issues with religion - actually with Christianity. I was raised, (razed?) in a selectively read, rigidly enforced "Bible is clear & obvious - if it's interpreted correctly, (which only we can do!)!" cult, which, in its day was one of the best-known 'fringe' groups around, (before the more strident Jimmy Jones came up). I want to find folks who weren't the "What we have is *the* Inspired Truth - this here is IT!!!!"; to mingle with people who don't equate "Better" with 'more (time in church, money, verbosity in prayer, 'proper' credentials, popularity, etc.)'. I want to meet folks who -- regardless of religion -- apply the Biblical mandates to: 1.) Prove all things; 2.) Test the spirits; 3.) Study [ergo think] to show yourselves approved; and, (the grand finale): 4.) Be doers and not hearers only. Of course, if a good number of them appreciate the idea that the "word kills", all the better! I like the idea of a Doctrine that is as simply stated and, in my opinion, universal as: "Do that which is right", as well as the other distinctives, (the Objective, Goal, Slogan & Maxim, which is as close to a Dogma as I hope the ULC ever gets). I hope to meet several folks who appreciate the difference between 'spiritual' and 'religious'.

    In fact, I was thinking of the apparent abyss between these two things while trying to find a good user name for this forum. I decided to play with the words and actually take all that is spiritual out of the religious; I removed the common letters from religious, then from spiritual. The results were rather interesting: "Religious" was left with 'E-G-O' and "Spiritual" was reduced to "P T A". Voila! an interesting User name. Of course "EGO" is easy to remember, especially if linked to 'religious'; "PTA" is not so accommodating, but I decided to link it to my (in-progress) P.O.V: "Profound Theology = Action!" as a mnemonic.

    I have no real interest in approaching religion except as an academic topic. I have an eclectic approach to spirituality. Currently I'm studying metaphysics, A.D.F., some mythology and Spiritual Health - all rather holistically. I hope to start the ULC Seminary soon, beginning with the Chaplaincy program and a good non-denominational, albeit unaccredited, Master of Religious Studies or Master of Divinity degree soon after.

    I was ordained on 01/11/07, a week before my birthday, (not saying which!), and right before Andre took the reins. (I was originally ordained about 3 months after Kirby Hensley passed; I regret never having corresponded with him as I think knowing him may have sped my journey to this point in my life.) After almost 7 years since joining, (14.5 since my first time), I find myself ready and far more able to discover what lays ahead, in part because I now know *AND* understand that it's all about the journey, not the destination