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  1. It's Been Awhile... But, I'm Still Grateful!!!

  2. I Am Grateful...

  3. Treat Other's As You Wish To Be Treated...

  4. We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience...

  5. If There Was Ever 1 Wish, That I Could Wish 2 Come True... I Think I Would Wish "That There Was No Such Thing As Non-Love"...

  6. I Believe ~ALL~ The Different Religions Of The World Each Hold Some Of The Pieces Of The Big Puzzle We Call Life!!!

  7. Nice To Be Able To Talk To Someone In Chat! Thank You Dianna!

  8. Welcome to the forum! We're pleased you decided to join our growing family of friends and ever so look forward to getting to know you. We're always happy to have new perspectives that give us all something to ponder. Blessings of Peace,

    1. StarLit


      Thank You! I'm Still Figuring Out The Site. :o) Ponder, I Love That Word! I Can't Wait To Get To Know Others & Learn Their Idea's, Point's Of View & Thought's (Teaching's & Lesson's) Brain Food To Ponder. :o) Love & Light To You!

  9. I'm So Very Excited To Be Part Of The Family!!!

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      I am guessing, of course, but it appears by your staff that you are on a form of shamanistic path. We welcome you to our little family of friends and hope to hear more from you!

    2. StarLit


      Thank You So Very Much! Am On Many Paths At Once. I Am A Very Eclectic Soul... I Love Listening To Many Different View's & Say? Why Not! My Mind Is Open, As Well As My <3. :o) Your Omniversal Star Sister ~Star-Lit~