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  1. I have been gone a while but today I came on and see only 2 or 3 people still posting. Is this forum still going or has it been moved?

  2. I have included my son in all areas of our spiritual journey but have also made sure he knew that when he was old enough to understand he was free to explore on his own ... right now he loves his Tarot cards and he has other pagan kids in his class at school and he really likes that. But he is not really interested in rituals for the Sabbats but he is learning personal use. At 11 I think this is a good place to be. He is also very curious about how all the religions are alike ... such as the similarities of the Christ story with so many other stories. He currently calls himself an ancient alien pagan. It is so fun to watch him learn and stretch and question. I simply enjoy his spirit . But of course we do teach right from wrong, and we emphasize the Rule of Three.
  3. "The Secret" puts my religous/spiritual beliefs in a nutshell...we create our lives by what we place our attention on. I practice the Law of Attraction in it's positive sense and see wonders in my life moment bt moment
  4. "The Operator's Manual For Planet Earth: An Adventure For the Soul" is my current book...but as usual I have three or four going...I love the way she has combined the teachings of so many paths to bring one message for all of us.