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  1. Hi Lordie, Have you tried www. eharmony. com yet? There is also www. match . com. And if you are a Christian, there is www. christianmingle. com I hope things work out for you. Don't just sit around waiting for someone to fall on your lap from the sky. There are so many nice people out there that we would not be able to meet otherwise! =)
  2. Hi grateful, This is a lovely tribute for your friend. I did not know the song. Sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you!! Lannah
  3. Today i want to give thanks for the gift of family. I see my children, my son is 23 and my daughter is 21, and i love the adults they have turned into. I am very proud of the people they have grown up to be. I feel that they are special, very special. I know that everyone's child is special, but in the case of my children, I feel they are very special because i actually could not have children! I had 4 miscarriages before my son was born! So the fact that they made it into this world does not cease to amaze me, even now when they are adults! For a long time they were the center of my life.
  4. Hi Lordie, You know what has worked for me? e harmony! I met my Malcolm there in July 2007, and we are still together! I would have never run into him on the street of where i live or work, because geographical we did not coincide. My colleague Teri, met her boyfriend on e harmony too. After struggling with dating guys that she met here and there. Her now beau is a pastor, and is sweet, kind and handsome. They've been together for over a year now. AND, my son met his fiance on e harmony too! They would have never met either, for it goes back to people being in spaces that never connect.
  5. Greetings brothers and sisters! I am what you would call a "low maintenance" type of person. I am not an optimist, nor a pessimist. I feel i am a realist, but not a sarcastic or cynical realist. It is easy for me to feel grateful for many things, in spite of going thru difficult periods in life. TODAY i am grateful for the sun and the blue sky!! We have had SO much rain and so many cloudy days, that we had forgotten what the colors blue and yellow looked like! I am also grateful that God made animals. It has been fun watching the animals come out, now that we are in some semblance of sprin