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  1. Giving a lot with this, hypothetically if the punishment were is still morally wrong.  It is imposed by a fallible and often corrupt system, regardless of where you live.  If it is possible that the convicted did NOT commit the crime, then to apply death to the individual is reprehensible.

    I view the punishment of death as unjust because the act of killing, even lawfully, has the potential to damage the do-er, and the families and lives that interact all around.

    And no, dan.  Being anti death pen doesnt equal being anti punishment.  There really are other punishments.

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  2. 17 hours ago, Dan56 said:


    I know you don't like bible quotes but "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled" (Matthew 5: 17-18). All but one sin is forgivable, but laws have penalties in the here & now. Praying for ones soul does not exempt them of paying for their crime. Jesus did away with the curse of the law (sin=death), but that just has a spiritual application, it doesn't absolve a person from paying their dues for law breaking in the flesh.

    By this standard we should uphold ALL the old law.  Add in that he who has sinned in his heart bit, and we all get the death penalty for our thoughts.


    Way to go, thought police...if there were anyone left to enforce it.


    Or were you cherry picking again?

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  3. 20 hours ago, Dan56 said:


    The difference is that your silver tablets are not visible and thereby unknown ( I can't show anyone).. If you had found a bible in the woods, you could show everyone (the Gospel must be published among all nations) :)

    See how smart that sounds?



    You don't have an argument...  Remember, you believe nothing and don't care.

    You cant produce the originals, either.  Yep, seems very stupid to trust someone elses interpretation of original documents that cant be seen...or cant even verify who wrote it, except to take their word for it...exactly what you do with the bible dan.

  4. 9 hours ago, Dan56 said:


    That's pretty much what I've said 100 times. And I agree, people who believe in nothing aren't complicated at all. All you can do is attack what others believe because you have no answers of your own. You can't prove false what you demand I prove is true. You have no answers to life's most challenging questions, while my belief answers all of those questions. That's why your always saying "I'm done".. And your right, you have nothing further to offer, your science is a dead-end street, and you don't care because you have nothing to care about. You think what i believe is hideous, but what you believe is an enigma.. "I don't care" is the end argument of a frustrated person.



    You know, I've also listened to many of your boring arguments too, and they have given me more faith than ever. I find your views empty in substance and void of meaning. I've never seen people who know absolutely nothing,  while simultaneously proclaiming to be absolutely right, i.e; you have no idea how you got here, but your certain you weren't created? I have an argument, you don't, and that's what your really tired of.. No one made you Agnostic, an atheist, or whatever you'll be tomorrow, its always an individual choice. What's sad is that your incapable of believing in anything, your only faith is in yourself, and I'm guessing that's got to be a pretty depressing state of mind?


    Neither of you need to respond. There's really nothing to debate, I simply state what I believe and you get upset. Its puzzling why that is so? 

    Hey Dan.  I found these magic silver tablets in the woods the other day and they said that Christianity is full of it.  They explained exactly how your wrong and I am right.  They prove it.  

    They also said that I can't show anyone because you have to take it on faith, but they exist.  Trust me.  

    Now, since you can't disprove it, I demand you believe.


    See how stupid that sounds?

  5. 7 hours ago, Dan56 said:


    I believe the bible is logical, but in a spiritual way that escapes nonbelievers.. And I've never claimed it was anything but my belief.. You guys simply make some ridiculous comments, such as 'The bible claims the earth is flat, because it describes it as having four corners'. So I just explain that the 4 corners of the earth is a reference to the 4 directions , north, east, west, & south. Skeptics always take a half verse and run with it, while overlooking the context of what's actually being said. 



    Your analogy falls apart because God does not pull the trigger.. And no, I blame the person who pulls the trigger, not the bullet. Just because God set the particular circumstances of the human condition, doesn't make him responsible for human decisions. God told Adam that if he ate of the tree, he would surely die. God did not put a gun to his head and make him eat, let alone pull the trigger. God hasn't spiritually killed anyone yet, and its not His desire that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9).



    As I answered Pete, I believe the bible is logical, clear, and real... You obviously don't think the same, and its not my mission to change that. No one here is subordinate to anyone, I believe you've mistaken me defending my faith as an effort to make others believe as I do.. I simply correct inaccurate depictions of bible passages, not to sway others, but to correct some unfounded and exaggerated assumptions. Your always free to correct my error, so the same courtesy should be extended to me. And no, you don't need an excuse not to believe anymore than I need an excuse to believe. 

    Environmental or hereditary is the argument at hand.  If Adam was a creature of environment and God designed the environment and is perfect in knowledge, he would have been able to know beforehand what Adam would do.

    If it's hereditary, and God designed his genes, he would have been able to know what Adam was going to do.

    It's like laying down a piece of your kids favorite candy on the table, telling them not to eat it, and leaving them in the room with it and their other parent who tells them it's ok.  Worse, you knew that the other parent would and didn't warn the kids not to listen to them .

  6. 1 hour ago, Dan56 said:


    Yes, I understand that.. I never said God doesn't answer prayers, I said He doesn't respond to prayers outside of His Will.. Experience has taught me that.. That's why I suggested trying to pray for materialistic gains, I think you'll find that my theory is correct.  His works are perfect, its our works that corrupted what was good. We live in a world of sin now (post Genesis 2), so its an imperfect, cruel, and evil world. We chose the knowledge of evil and we can't obtain that knowledge by living in a good world,  so its not God's works that are in question. 



    No insult intended, but you must admit that your not exactly open to biblical thinking. You pretty much misconstrue everything the bible teaches as an excuse not to believe it. Surface reading or skimming over the content does not allow a person to understand, and you can't believe what you don't understand. E.g; God kills = God is bad.. I pray for $$ and God no give = God is bad.. I have headache and God no fix = God is bad... That's pretty much the depth you guys get from the Word of God :).. That's why I said that if I perceived it all like you do, I'd be an Atheist too.


    If I, knowing the consequences, choose to point a gun at someone and shoot, and they die... I am responsible.  Especially if I designed the gun, bullet, and manufactured the circumstances so the person would be in front of me, and designed the laws of physics and the person's anatomy and assured what would happen.  


    But you seem to say the bullet is responsible.

  7. 12 hours ago, Dan56 said:


    Its my interpretation and my opinion.. If you think I'm wrong and believe God answers all prayers, pray for $1 million or a new car and let me know how that's works out for ya :). If you believe God protects Christians, why are they victims of crime & violence? Why didn't God prevent prophets & apostles from being killed? If you think God knows everything people would do, why bother asking them to believe in him? If God already knows who will be saved, why not suspend the game and go straight to judgement? My answers are logical,  sorry if your having trouble grasping the answers. Maybe you've just been too subjected to TV preachers who never cover more than once bible verse at a time?   

    You see logic in this but these are examples of why we don't believe.  God is supposed to answer prayers, and if he is perfect so to would his works be.  Yet it isn't, as you pointed out.

  8. I work with someone who goes around telling everyone he's the best routinely.  We keep track of numbers at my job.  He also routinely goes off and does other things that take time.  He never gets to even half my numbers but he always has the built in excuse of doing side projects...yet still thinks he is the best.


    Christians all think their religion is the best, and all have built in excuses for the things that don't make sense in the book... despite the evidence to the contrary.

  9. 3 hours ago, Dan56 said:


    I understand the definitions of Atheism, Agnosticism, and Apatheism.. One doesn't believe, one doesn't know, and the other doesn't know or care. Hardly difficult concepts to grasp, and none require any in-depth explanation or analysis. 


    Varying beliefs are not a weakness of an interfaith church... Those who believe in the divine are not narrow minded just because they can't prove their faith to your satisfaction. And fundamentalist do try to abide by a set of standards, but we don't project those moral standards onto nonbelievers. Perhaps you have no purity test because you don't believe in anything that formally sets a core set of values? Yes, we are Interfaith, but what's your faith? You may embrace Universal Life, but simultaneously condemn the idea of everlasting life.

    You know, I saw a trial once.  A purity test.

    If witches burn, what else burns?  Wood!  What else does wood do?  Float.  What else floats?  A duck!  Therefore if she weighs the same as a duck she must be a witch!