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  1. ~ nick, personally I'm not surprised you feel ill... you seem to hold such contempt and anger for so many people... it's really not healthy for you Try to remember all that imagination & creativity has gifted us with! 'imaginary nonsense' is part of the creative human mind too, even if you don't like it. { Personally, I don't care for modern art & Picasso's work looks like vomit, but hey, different strokes for different folks y'know? } I'm not a religious person m'self, I just find it interesting how & why different religions affect people. I like people. I like puzzles too
  2. ~ nick, I'm sorry that you feel that way. I'll agree that the world does have many ignorant people, so many are not offered opportunities to learn. But I don't believe the world is filled with vile people. { & certainly not all ignorant folk are vile nor all vile are ignorant. Unfortunately some of the most vile are quite educated, huh? } Yes, even tho' I work in retail & meet quite a large range of people often unhappy & stressed or just being mean because they can, most are quite nice... I realise it's a very small bit of the world, but I have found generally that treating peopl
  3. autumn words written on pale clouds with branches dipped in golden leaves
  4. ~ I realise that being an avid reader since 6 has left me open to a very strong creative imagination. I do have vivid dreams. 'Memories' of past lives are different... they're not connected emotionally & they're fragmented. When you're tossed in to 're-living' that, you don't feel the emotions you normally would if in that situation. It's dis-jointing. I remember a few. I don't like to do so because it's usually of the dying part & dying is unpleasant. There's a reason I don't like Frank Sinatra. A big piano & big windows over-looking a cliff & ... There's a reason air raid sir
  5. rain drops like fingers caress the window broken ruby light ... I love the misty windshield & the shattering of carlight on a dark road { as long as I'm not the one driving } Water leaping off the asphalt to spark so quick... hypnotic. Ummm, tick-shhh wipers clear rivers return shivery dark and diamond light ... I know, there should never be any explanation needed for a haiku... I didn't intend to. I just babble as ya know Rain is just so lovely & doesn't happen often in No. Nevada. Does in So. Cal & miss it. Dream of it darker green in rain shadows hold a quiet world hidden fro
  6. ~ The addiction is hard. The habit is the hardest. Like hooks caught within. You're doing a marvy job of un-hooking
  7. ~ Thank you Raninbow! All these shiny people were making me feel a bit... { well yes, I already knew it, but thanks for thinking it for me } off But some of these descriptions of 'happy'... I don't even need my toes to count how often I have felt joyous & ebullient & freaked-out everyone who knows me I'm not even really sure what 'happy' means. Is it when I'm doing a good job & I make others smile & appreciative? That feeling? Of being useful & doing good? That makes me smile. I do so enjoy my family & home & pets. They give me comfort & need me & so mak
  8. ~ Thank you Jaybee Lovely... Very meditational, reminded me of deep ocean reflecting upon galaxies...
  9. the wind catches leaves a small storm cold and crimson lands upon my lap - or? - wind-caught leaves crimson cold storm upon my lap ... just a thought...
  10. ~ Murph! Murph! He's our man!!! He can do it yes he can!!! YAYYY!!! {If I had the boobies sig ya'd get a bunch of jumpin' for ya } Proud for ya Hon
  11. ~ Played violin... the strings did cause a resonation within Hmmm... Have heard talk of 'micro black holes'. If one popped-up in the center of the planet would it resonate like a gong or a crashing rollercoaster?
  12. ~ If certain crystals resonate to varying frequencies, do others stones? If stones & crystals resonate, does the Earth? If this planet resonates, do all other planets? Do they resonate with each other? What does the 'music of the spheres' sound like? Can we appreciate the songs of galaxies? ... Just babbling again! Appreciate your patience & comments
  13. ~ What a sky today! swollen clouds hunker mountains crushed in velvet greys the birth of a storm
  14. ~ Frustration triggers are the worse... Makes that shrill narsty voice in the back louder for sure! You are stronger than that. Don't let that punk win!
  15. ~Just some thoughts... soft breezes whisper branches dance a lullaby now the fields rest fluorescent light falls pools of shadows hide flowers in the cracked asphalt clouds so far below wings gilded by early light shadow-lost valleys ... I wander & babble...
  16. ~ Keep it up Hon! Crap happens all the time, it's how we deal with it that makes the difference. Without poison in your lungs? A good way
  17. ~ Devon, that sounds beautiful!!! Writing about signing as sounding beautiful seems complicated, but that's why we have minds to contemplate & imagine, huh? Being able to give that extra depth to the emotion with a double layer of language... What a lovely crafting I had a deaf friend. I'm horrid at ASL, she'd just laugh & translate my gibberish & kick my butt at scrabble once again But I did get a glimpse of the gracefulness & fluidity of ASL. I don't know if I could write a poem suitable for that dance.
  18. ~ Michael, I didn't. I do know that you often speak of vibrations above & that you seem to feel alone in your beliefs... I don't think you're as alone as you sometimes feel, but feelings are what they are, aren't they?
  19. ~ The SPCA runs the shelter here in Reno { with a lot of donations by kind critter-lovin' folks of course! } Right now they're advertising 'name your price' adoptions on animals over 4 mo.s, fixed & injected & chipped... So many pets with no homes to match all the humans losing their homes doncha know
  20. ~ Michael, I'll try one for you... a lone bird circles an unseen current carries far above the sky
  21. ~ I hope you don't mind Songster... for you shadows of branches fall upon the moving stream etch lost poetry
  22. ~ For you Devon hands dance in song a day of poets gather beauty for the soul ... it's not the syllabic count that's important...
  23. ~ Oh Devon! What a wonderful challenge! { Well, yes, I understand the frustration in it... but still } Poetry IS imagery, emotion or experience that connects, whether in spoken or visual language. Haiku is an imagery form, but poetry itself is expression & you can!!! 'American' haiku is confined to 5-7-5, not Japanese, which is about expressing a moment concisely. There are other short-form poetry forms also, tho' most are constrictive. & of course there is 'free-form' where you make the rules, short or long... I used to write long sonnets & such, I just prefer the challenge of co
  24. ~ That's cool Songster! Haiku in Japanese is evidently much more difficult since haiku can't rhyme, & so many words do in Japanese. & it's so much more involved with the imagery than syllabic count, like 'American' haiku. I think both forms have their specific beauty, tho' translation is itself open for a specific art also