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  1. ~ I was going to vote 'social harmony', because that's generally what I strive for. But there are times when the choice to make others happy is wrong. So yeah, 'other'. I am usually the one that avoids conflict { & if that involves running away or crawling under a table, OK ! }. Unless... I do have problems with others getting abused & it tends to make me reckless. Driven my husband nuts a few times Seriously, I avoid confrontation like a turtle - quickduck! But I can't even stop & think if someone else is endangered. So I guess legally, I've broken a few laws a few times... Ooops
  2. ~ Didn't General Custer have a prideful problem? Like not listening when he was informed of difficulty ahead? { Sorry, history was never my strong-point } Steven, understand that you may feel 'put-upon' a bit, & that you have strong thoughts that you've been sharing & that's fine! You're also sharing this space with others of strong thought, so sometimes... There may be conflict, y'know?
  3. ~ Darlings, you're not paying attention to his tag-line are ya? ~ Steven? How would you suggest implementing 'responsible breeding'? A registry & application process? Just wondering. Do appreciate you're patience
  4. ~ Yeah, don't sweat it... You're gonna do marvelously!
  5. ~ Great to see ya too Phil & really, God, Goddess... who's really gonna quibble when they call, "Hey, I want YOU!"
  6. ~ Welcome Constantine! I became ordained when my father died. He'd gotten ordained on-line & thought it a joke. He was an Atheist & thought it funny. I didn't. I've been called "Mama Claire' since I was 12 , I always listened. { Just others I didn't know well, they'd find me & talk. I don't repeat. } I believe ministering is assisting, listening when others have no one else to listen. So many people just need a person to hear them... I have found dear friends here, advice & assistance & inspiration! I sincerely hope that you enjoy learning & teaching & making frien
  7. ~ Good cheek bones & a sylph-like body, calming influence... go for it! { Just an alert, the Older Gods... the smell like goats Ladies, pack Febreze, OK? }
  8. ~ Evidently CPR is not allowed. ... Well, if ya do it wrong, could be a law-suit...
  9. ~ Lovely pic there RR Y'know, roses are not difficult & there's no reason to worry much about them actually... So many people fret, when the basics are simple. Cut the dead flowers off at a 5-leaf branch aimed in the direction you want. That's it! If ya get aphids, spray 'em with soapy water. If the leaves turn yellow, sprinkle epsom salt at their base. They are tough plants.
  10. ~ Happy Happy to everyone!!! Wishing the best to all of you!
  11. ~ Welcome Constantine I'm an Associate at Walmart, working in apparel. { Which means I must wear gloves since the formaldehyde the clothing is treated with gives me hives ALWAYS wash new clothing! } My hours are odd, lately 2 - 11 P.M., which messes with life pretty well... My husband watches our 3 & 5 yr-old grandbabes 9 hrs 5 days a week early hrs I like science fiction { *wink* to anyone old enough to remember the fuss when the term 'sci-fi' first arose } & doodling & poetry & simple gardening. { A friend said I must have 'holy ground' in my garden... I have a pansy tha
  12. ~ Sounds invigorating Angie ... Personally, if I were looking at 10 acres, I'd just slump. I'm not a farmer. I slump when looking at our 1/4 acre & just let the dogs own it! The front yard is colorful now... I really like the delphinium & hope it likes it's new home { hardy to -40*, should ... } Daughter bought me many flowering plants to plant with the granddaughters & now my back's recovered, I'm enjoying the snapdragons & dianthus & pansies & such. The 5 yr-old is on the hunt now for hummingbirds, but just getting buzzed by the blue jay {Cheeky bird! Both girls &a
  13. ~ Wishing you all the very best with sugary kisses & sticky hugs!!! :wub:
  14. ~ My daughter & I worked Mother's Day but when I got off work Monday night there were a lot of flowers sitting on the lawn to be planted { She gives me flowers to plant with her daughters for Mother's Day }} Tuesday I have off & our Grandbabes & I are gonna gently place pretties in our yard { My schedule's odd, 2 - 10 P.M. , split days off, so we're playing when we can... I actually have 2 Saturdays off in a row & will be able to visit! Whooo! }
  15. ~ Good luck to ya both Songster You're doing great Murph We're all very proud for you
  16. ~ Personally, I've seen some much worse { work at the swap-meet in So. Cal. in August when it's 110* }. ... I find it odd that bathing suit tops only have to cover a woman's nipples, when all have nipples & it's the breasts that are different between the sexes & a triangle of cloth just accentuates that yet a woman's nipple is illegal < "You can be sexy, but ya can't be havin' a nipple showing like a manly man!" > Eh. Societies change & different aspects of whatever become OK or not. Large, small, covered, uncovered, round, flat, long, short, it's all just cultural mnemon
  17. ~ Just curious... Where did this idea strike you?
  18. ~ Strive for it anyway... No one can be happy all the time, true. But if people that are married don't take each other as furniture & treat other kindly & communicate, it makes it easier to adjust, adapt & overcome. Don't let piddlies accumulate, small annoyances should be addressed before they become rhinocerii riqocheting rampatiously! {I know, sorry ... Been one of those days.}
  19. ~ So there! Does seem that searching for reasons & explanations for what you cannot understand is rather religious... Mayhaps without the spiritual involvement, but still...
  20. ~ Well, it was loud. The local news is saying it was a meteor & they're gathering chunklets... Would think it'd be bigger news, getting through the atmosphere & crashing as it did, but { "Oh! If aliens landed on the planet I'm sure our Government would let us know!" } Yep, we see one of those big red-headed fellas periodically, but our most common jack-hammer is small & black & white. Quite industious! We get hummingbirds in summer when the jasmin's blooming buzzing & chirping, mostly green & brown females. { My husband never sees them, he's allergic to the jasmine }
  21. ~ That was years ago, but thank you! Birds are in a frenzy... it's "Makin' Babies' season full swing! & we've woodpeckers here, which we didn't in So. Cal. Several types, which is cool, but "tick-tick-tick-tick" bright & early with the bird-fights & that sqwuaking, I work nights. & then 2 nights ago a BAM!!! on the side of the house... Large cottonwood trees there with nesting birds, periodically the neighbourhood owl swoops to rest & a bird goes AAAK!!! & thud into the wall { No windows on that side, yay! } ... & yep, it was after the meteor strike. Y'all hear a
  22. ~ "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one." - Albert Einstein ~ "There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved with a proper application of high explosives." -Tim Robbins, 'Even Cowgirls get the Blues' ~ "Hark, hark! The dogs do bark! The Duke is fond of kittens. He likes to take their insides out and use their fur for mittens." - "The Thirteen Clocks" { sorry, I never can remember the author! } ... Yeah, that one's not for inspiration or anything. Just for freaking people out when there's a pause in the conversation, y'know? That's kinda inspirational isn't it? G
  23. ~ Oh! I think that by 'dark' he was refering to the fear & greed that causes humans to harm others. Y'know, "the bad & the ugly"... Evidently he's believing that humans are evolving beyond the baser instincts to a more over-all civilised existence. It IS a lovely concept, isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice? { Certainly would be nice if people stopped using shopping carts like lawn-mowers taking out stubborn weeds! } Just a word. Yep, I know, 'just a word' too often isn't sufficient.
  24. ~ I do love you Devon! OK. The big question still stands & no one's been asking { ya silly folk! } We've had examples of what some would NOT do for the money... Would you... ...Crud, it's hard to think of anything that everyone hasn't already nixed! Unwanted sex, lying, betrayal, etc. Ya bunch of Ministers you!!! & it's not like there's not already enough videos of people doin' stupid for free anyway... Sorry, seems this may be the wrong forum...
  25. ~ "Meeeow?"... Gettin' kinda 'Pink Floyd' isn't it? "Can you hear me?" ... Poor cat.