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  1. Does Liberty require a secular governance of a nation, to ensure the freedom of religion?

    Or should Liberty take a back seat if it means tolerating things that go against your religion?

    ~ Yeah, think so. Most religious people believe that other religions are 'wrong' & so don't agree with their practices or what .

    ~ Intolerance...

    Is it intolerant to be intolerant of those that are intolerant? Or are you only tolerant to those intolerant as you? :dntknw:

    I know, I'm being a bother once again. I apologize!

    Just wondering, since it seems that most religions are based upon the intolerance of a God towards humans acting human,

    what does that say about humans that ARE tolerant of others? :dntknw:

  2. How old were you when you became responsible enough to make the important choices in your life?

    ~ Honestly, I made important choices before I was responsible enough & had to learn quickly how to to be what I needed to be.

    I would suggest after the age of 16.

    Every one needs to be able to focus before trying to define the existence they desire to refine...

  3. ~ Yaaa... I don't know. I just remember that dying.

    It's all emotional & images & what-not, y'know?

    Linda & I were married, I was male & we had lots of children, don't remember dying that time. We both remember that. Not much in common this time.

    { It's difficult to find people that remember a past life with you. { At least for me... But then I shut down myself at 15, too too much! }

    My husband.

    I've always gotten a feeling he's a new soul. Would that be possible with reincarnation?

    Was there a pre-set amount of sparks discharged to go forth & record the existence experiences of lizards & birds & cats & humans,

    or is there are a periodic spurt of a non-scarred souls to compare a base-line with?

    Because seriously, he's the clearest I ever met, this life pain, no other.

  4. ~ I do apologize for that... I could be sooo wrong.

    I do know that I have a distinct aversion to Frank Sinatra's music & movies, pink taffeta & callas, grand pianos & cliffs above the sea.

    The me now was born in 1960. The me then was, I don't know, 15? He was skinny & pissed-off because I said/did something.

    It's probably just something that never happened. Y'know, pieces of movies, dreams & what-not... Sorry I mentioned it :(

    I apologize.

  5. ~ I have few memories of lives past lived. They were simple.

    I was very proud to be elevated to a higher pool to wash, white marble needs cleaning.

    I was a turnip farmer with a wife & 5 children & the Lord rode past.

    Frank Sinatra killed me.

    I have vivid memories of dying. Dying is unpleasant. The 'unravelling' is icky. Seriously.

    Now you're all gonna consider me crazy...

    That's fine.

    I'm not sure how to explain this, but Elemental.

    I was once Fire.

    Commanded Fire because I needed to. My 'sister' stole my crown.

    It was bad. It's a shame I still feel though I don't know from when or where.

    ... Silly thing? I bought myself a tiara & it soothes me.

    & what we fought over was wood!

    The damage was horrid.

    I know, I'm not making much sense, I apologise.

  6. ~ If you didn't have remorse, shame, regrets... you wouldn't have a conscience. That would be the bad thing.

    If you hadn't learned, changed, adapted, you wouldn't have had will. That would be the sad thing.

    You have experienced life wtih all the damage & joy it affords, maybe more, maybe less.

    Is any one person's experiences more vital than anothers? I couldn't guess.

    Existence for each is as it is...

  7. ~ Suzanne, good question.

    1] Hartwell and the young boy survived the crash, although both of Hartwell's ankles, his left knee and his nose were fractured.[1][3] For weeks the two survived the brutally harsh weather where the average temperature was −35 °F (−37 °C). Kootook was instrumental in the pair's survival by erecting a tent and making fires. He died after the 20th day whereupon the pilot survived by eating part of the leg of the nurse.[4]`

    Personally, being that miserable for that long... I can't even imagine how ghastly that must have been.

    Eating human flesh would be unpleasant in so many ways, the concept is difficult for most everyone to contemplate.

    It has probably occured more than most want to think of in die-or-survive situations & definately no one wants to discuss it. The Big Taboo.

    Living with the after the act...


  8. ~ I was making light of a serious discussion in describing preparation, & I apologise. I shouldn't have. I am sorry.

    If it is a vitally important aspect of one's religious beliefs to consume the flesh of other dead humans, then I feel that should be respected.

    I personally would never disrupt a culture by proclaiming, "Now we know what you do with your dead, you're **!"

    People ingest a wide variety of unhealthful & dangerously lethal shtuff... It was about their belief system, not their health regimen.

  9. ~ Thank you Feld for the clarification on the legal aspect :) I agree, if no one is harmed & it's religiously necessary... it should be.

    { Christians nibble on Christ at communion. Yes, metaphorically, but encouraged to contemplate consuming His flesh & blood :dntknw: }

    ~ I don't know Gwynn... Probably slivered, slightly sauted & served with pasta & a rich red sauce ;) Probably a lot of wine too :drinks:

  10. ~ A duckish-brand of rash... right off his back, huh? :taunt:

    Some have been whipped by lightening repeatedly. Is that good or bad luck? :dntknw:

    I enjoy the little lights. :rolleyes: Sorry if offends.

    ... Perhaps it's all those headlights I watched as a babe.

    Could be stars way up there are beautifully twinkly & hard to see in Winter with clouds & snow & such...

    Come on, really? Spring & Summer has green EVERYWHERE & flowers with bright colors all about.

    A few months of being buried under cold makes any color & warmth & celebration a marvy thing :cheers: