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  1. oh please do i love to have email address apuadman-at-ulcmail.net
  2. Hi! I am Apu Adman a Priest of Luntiang Aghama. At first i am a child that was raised as Catholic but as i grow up i was able to explore multitude of Christian Faith. Though in Church we have been taught on what to believe in but personally my own beliefs was suppressed by what the Church do teach. They said that people who do reject the Christian Teachings are anti-christ or those who do not practice religion by going to church are Pagan so i started becoming one. I studied Paganism on my own behalf and find that most organized Pagan requires initiatory lineage. I believe to some of their doctrines and i am glad that in Pagan Religion there is what we call as Eclecticism. I started my Ministry on December 2000 as a study group in metaphysics, alternative religion, mysticism and magick and there we have developed our own rituals in expressing our own faith. I come to Universal Life Church for recognition of the faith that i have. I came to ULC with the same belief of doing what is right. Right now, Luntiang Aghama is a government recognized religious corporation sole that celebrates our rituals in expression of our faith as well as in pursuing the religious freedom we have guaranteed by our Constitution.
  3. What are you celebrating this season?

  4. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you come aboard. I hope you'll check out all the site has to offer and join in when you can! Blessings of Peace, Al